Aug 24, 2013

Au revoir, summer!

Yikes!  It has been quite a while since my last post!  My excuse?  As a high school teacher, summer vacation is over and I went back to work on Monday.  I spent the last week furiously attending teacher meetings, lesson planning and decorating my classroom.  I’m exhausted but I’m feeling positive about seeing my kiddos bright and early on Monday morning!

Although I’m suddenly much more busy than I was one week ago, I don’t want to let my new blog fall by the wayside.  In fact, one of my motivations in starting Whitney à la mode is to have a project just for me!  I love teaching and giving my all to my students but having this blog as a personal and creative outlet helps me to feel more balanced and happy.

Anyways, back to the clothes!  I know that summer is technically far from over and the weather will remain steamy, but the start of the school year makes me feel like fall has arrived!  I am posting this fun, nautical summer outfit as my unofficial farewell to the fun and relaxing summer I have enjoyed!

A striped blazer had been on my wish list for almost a year when I bought this one several months ago.  I absolutely adore it but for some reason I have trouble thinking of ensembles with which to wear it.  Do you have any ideas?  Here I paired it with white shorts, a mint tank and coral flats for a pop of color!  It is a fun summer outfit but I would love some ideas for wearing this blazer into the fall!

What I'm Wearing:

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  1. Such a cute outfit! I love stripes!

    1. Thanks! Me too...I would go as far as saying that I have a terrible (wonderful) stripe addiction.