Dec 30, 2015

Break Brain + Link-Up

Welcome to the weekly Monday Lovely Little à la Mode Link-Up...on Wednesday?!

Yes friends, this teacher brain is officially on break and completely forgot to post the link-up a few days ago!  I wasn't planning to take a blogging hiatus but apparently I needed one!

I don't have an outfit post ready for you today but here is a little peek into my holiday season.

And now it's time to link-up your favorite posts from the last week!

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Dec 21, 2015

Comfy Christmas Break Style + Link-Up

Ahh, I have finally made it to Christmas Break!  While I am super passionate about teaching, it can be a physically and emotionally draining job.  Lately I have been feeling particularly zapped of energy and a little bit down in the dumps so I am really ready for this time away from work.

I'm not going to lie, I plan to spend most of my vacation days in leggings, a comfy top and fuzzy socks.  But when I do actually have to get dressed, I plan to be in outfits just like this one!

Tunic top + cozy scarf + comfy jeans + Converse = done!  I think that the scarf and the Converse take this outfit from a little bit boring to put-together without being much work at all!

And since it is winter in Michigan, a cute coat is a must for any last-minute holiday errands I will be running.  I bought this coat years ago at H&M when I lived in France and I still love it as much as the day I bought it.  The plaid and toggles add fun details to any outfit!

On the day that I wore this ensemble, I actually took a turn behind the camera to take maternity photos for one of my best friends and her husband!  (Fun fact: I have two best friends and they are both pregnant right now!)  We had so much fun and I don't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did while trying to pose the two of them in Pinterest-y ways.  Luckily, Best Friend's Husband was accommodating enough to snap a few photos of Nicole and me, too!

Showing Best Friend's Husband how it's done!

Nicole is due on Thursday and I CAN'T WAIT to meet the little one!

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Banana Republic (similar, similar)
Scarf: LOFT (similar, similar)
Jeans: American Eagle (exact)
Converse: DSW (exact)
Coat: H&M (similar, similar)

Now it's time for that weekly Lovely Little à la Mode Link-Up!

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Dec 18, 2015

Blogging Besties: Skinny Jeans

Image (8)

Image (7) Image (5) Image (4)

This week is brought to you by: “ballet flats, floral top, pashmina scarf, a chunky cardigan, or skinny jeans”. For your viewing pleasure, I give you: skinny jeans. The extra bits: So the good news is that, in the month that I've taken a break from this blog, several positive things have resulted. My clothes shopping has pointedly declined; I've shut down my Poshmark store and have donated four full trash bags of my store's product to the Epilepsy Foundation's thrift store program; I finished knitting a wool blanket large enough to satisfy my husband; I have loads more free time on my hands to indulge in brainless, de-stress activities like binge watch Netflix shows (Daredevil and Jessica Jones were uh-mazing!) or play FB games (everyone needs to join me in breeding dragons on Dragon City).

The not-so-good news is that I do feel my sartorial IQ slipping. I've gotten rather lackadaisical about my outfits, and I actually, honestly don't really care all that much. I've not bothered with accessorizing or layering or pattern mixing for weeks now. I've worn the same pair of shoes two days in a row one time. And I think I'm looking more and more "age appropriate" and "mom-like" every day.

Thank Buddha for skinny jeans. They've become my de rigeur, go-to item because they allow me to be casually put together even in my gradual fashion decline. And lucky me, it happens to be one of my choices from Alex's ensemble last week.

Here, you see them worn in a perfect example of my new style niche - I like to call it #jcrewgoals. They've got that clean-cut, all-American, East Coast suburban vibe that I've always been drawn to but could never afford. However, with the help of Poshmark (yes, that's an authentic Downtown field jacket acquired for free because I had credit) and Old Navy (I get all my striped tops from them), I think I managed to successfully dupe a catalog-worthy look, yeah?

And kudos to my crafty, Pinterest-obsessed daughter for showing me how to cut the sleeves off a too-tight-across-the-shoulders sweatshirt and repurposing it as a vest rather than throwing it away. I'm gonna succeed in sustainable living yet!

Anyhow, Blogging Besties is taking a break so all four of us gals can enjoy friends and fam for the holidays (and watch Star Wars. Oh, that's just me? Okay then...)

So Selah’s got some time, but when we return in two weeks, she's tasked to play with the following: skinny jeans, furry boots, striped top, Fair Isle pattern, or favorite jacket.

Vive le vendredi! And season's greetings to one and all!
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Dec 14, 2015

Winter Wedding + Link-Up

There isn't a whole lot in this world that I love more than a pretty dress, the holiday season, or a sparkling wedding.  So when I get to wear the above-mentioned pretty dress to a sparkling wedding during my favorite season, you could say that I am in heaven!

I attended a beautiful celebration of love at the end of November.  The event was lavish and the dress code was black tie only.  And oh do I love an excuse to wear a beautiful, formal dress!  

For this occasion, I chose a mixed media dress made of black lace and berry brocade.  The materials felt well-made and decadent and the colors were perfect for the holidays!

To complete the look I added a velvet clutch and pumps.  I felt comfortable and beautiful as I danced the night away with my family.

Are you wondering what to wear to a holiday event or winter wedding?  I think that lace makes for a perfectly elegant and holiday-ready look.  Here are a few beautiful lace dresses for you to peruse.

Perhaps it was serendipity, but earlier in the fall, the lovely Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood invited me to participate in a Winter Wedding collaboration.  I had enjoyed working together to feature Fall Wedding Looks so I jumped right in!

Please visit these other beautiful bloggers today to see what they chose for their Winter Wedding Looks!  I love how different yet perfect for a holiday occasion each of our looks are!  Which would you wear?

And now it's time for that Lovely Little à la Mode Link-Up!

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Dec 11, 2015

Blogging Besties: Ballet Flats

Happy Friday, friends! I am only one week away from the end of the semester, and I am SO ready for a break! 

Last week, Whitney wore this ensemble in front of the most gorgeous background EVER:

I chose to pass on ballet flats. This is a huge copout for me because I wear ballet flats so often that they're a standard for me, but I like this outfit and it had flats so who cares? I pulled out the purple of this pattern for the scarf and green for the shoes, and then added a cardigan because it's COLD here! 

Tank: Thrifted (similarsimilar)
Jeans: Forever XXI (similarsimilarsimilar)
Cardigan: Old Navy (similarsimilarsimilar)
Flats: Old Navy (similarsimilarsimilar)
Scarf: Thrifted (similarsimilarsimilar)

Next week, Maricel will pass on one of the following elements: ballet flats, floral top, pashmina scarf, purple, a chunky cardigan, or skinny jeans! 

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Dec 8, 2015

A Gift Guide for the Glamorous Teacher

Do you have a special teacher in your life?  Perhaps she's your sister, your daughter or your best friend?  Or maybe you want to treat your son or daughter's favorite teacher?

Between mountains of papers to be graded and sneezing students, teaching isn't usually considered a glamorous job.  But this special teacher of yours might have a glamorous side just waiting to shine through.  Pamper her a little this Christmas by treating her to a few practical and a few fancy gifts that will make her life easier and her job a bit more fun!

1.  Teachers are constantly on their feet and talking with students, parents, colleagues and administrators.  I can't tell you how much water I drink during the school day.  It's so important to stay hydrated.  A pretty water bottle makes hydration more fun and adds a pop of glamour to a teacher's desk.

2.  Oh, school supplies.  I think I might have become a teacher so I never have to stop buying school supplies.  And there are just so may pretty options out there!  These notebooks are gorgeous, these pencils are super cute, and don't even get me started on these pencil cases!

3.  I have never worked in a classroom that maintains a comfortable temperature.  I can go from sweating in the morning to freezing in the afternoon.  The key to staying comfortable is layers!  I like to keep a jacket or scarf on hand for those times when I need a bit of extra warmth.  These scarves would definitely be a splurge but perhaps you are in a position to treat that special teacher in your life.  You know she can't afford to on her teacher budget!

4.  Staying fortified is just as important as staying hydrated during the day.  On top of that, teachers don't get a ton of time to eat lunch, let alone snack.  I've recently become addicted to Justin's Almond Butters.  They are delicious, healthy, and come in convenient, individual servings!  The butters come in several different flavors and would make for a perfect stocking stuffer!

5.  On my list of things I need to survive a school day, coffee is number one!  I don't allow myself a single sip of coffee until I've made it to work.  It's my reward for getting the day started.  I enjoy that warm, creamy beverage through my first couple of classes.  A pretty mug just adds to my enjoyment (and that cat one, too cute).

6.  Are you surprised that we've come back to school supplies?  Your favorite teacher spends hours per week grading papers...and grading papers is way more fun with brightly-colored pens.  Papermate's Flair Pens are my personal fave.

7.  Cold and flu season has definitely arrived at my school.  To stay healthy, I swear by Emergen-C.  They are flavored powders that you add to a glass of water and that pack a Vitamin C punch.  I drink one once a day and I truly believe that it helps keep the germs away.  My favorite flavor is Tangerine!

8.  And finally, a chic tote is a must for the glamorous teacher!  I am constantly carrying papers, props and school supplies back and forth to work.  Target has some super cute and affordable totes.  If you're looking for a special treat, though, Shopbop has some beautiful options!

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Dec 7, 2015

Professional and a Lovely Little à la Mode Link-Up

Monday just seems like an appropriate day to talk about work-wear, don't you think?  Often I find that my best inspiration for teaching outfits comes at the beginning of the week when I'm fresh and energized.  Last week I showed you a typical school outfit for me.  Today I'm featuring a slightly more professional look.

Truth be told, a lot of "professional" clothing feels too straight-laced for teaching.  Other teachers may disagree but I just don't feel relatable to students when I'm wearing a pencil skirt.  And I'm less apt to be walking around the classroom, helping students when I'm wearing 3-inch pumps.

One way that I do like to spruce up my work-wear, however, is by adding a blazer.  Blazers provide that extra professional touch but I still feel comfortable doing my job.  Patterned blazers, in particular are a fun way to to up the professionalism!  Here are a bunch of patterned blazers that would be great additions to your professional wardrobe (I'm particular to the plaid ones, this time of year).

I wore this particular outfit for the first night of parent-teacher conferences.  My outfit had to take me from teaching by day to talking to parents all night.  I was comfortable and I felt put-together for a crazy, 12-hour day!

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: Macy's 
Dress: Banana Republic Outlet (similar, similar)
Necklace: Peach Jewel (exact)
Watch: JORD
Tights: Nordstrom (exact)
Booties: DSW (exact)

Now it's time to link up!

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Dec 4, 2015

Blogging Besties: Green-Hued Skirt

Selah must have known how much I would love this outfit of hers when she posted it last week:

I mean, do you remember this post?  Obviously I could have just recreated Selah's entire look and I would have loved it!  But in an attempt to not be completely repetitive, I decided to pass-on my favorite skirt.

Like Selah, I chose patterned top to pair with my skirt but instead of stripes I went with a subtle animal print in greys.  A statement pearl necklace and a bit more grey completed a comfy yet put-together outfit that I wore to one of my best friend's baby showers!

And I can't believe that this purse is finally making its first blog appearance!  Late this summer I was on the hunt for a quality, mustard cross-body purse.  But alas, instead of finding a yellow bag, I fell in love with this beautiful little burgundy number.  I absolutely adore the rich color and the glossy leather.  The quality is amazing and I would highly recommend checking-out some of the other gorgeous Liebeskind leather goods.  And I just have to mention that Shopbop has determined burgundy bags to be one of fall 2015's biggest trends!  (Not that I need another, but I kind of love the third one in).

Alright Alex, your choices for items to pass-on next week are a (subtle) animal print, a sweater, a (green-hued) skirt, grey, tights and ballet flats!

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What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: c/o Le Tote (exact)
Necklace: Amazon (exact)
Skirt: Old Navy (similar, similar)
Tights: Anthropologie (similar)
Flats: Etsy

Where I'm linking-up!

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