Dec 19, 2013


Since I discovered personal style blogs, I've learned so much about how to put myself together in a fashionable and affordable way that is still "me."  I feel excited when I learn about a new trend and then suddenly start to notice it popping-up in stores.  I feel like some sort of fashion insider!

While I know I've come a long way, I also know I have much more to learn on my style journey.  Along with a laundry list of personal style goals, I sometimes just feel plain old overwhelmed by the wide world of fashion.  

This weekend I was contemplating what is currently "in" and here is a reproduction of the thoughts that raced through my head: "I'm really loving plaid lately.  What a fun trend.  And bold colors like cobalt and emerald, I really think they complement my skin tone.  But isn't cobalt always a trendy color?  Or maybe I said say "on trend" instead of "trendy."  Hmmm?  I also LOVE blush pink.  I've been reading that blush is a great winter color.  But are bold colors and blush pink both "in?"  Is one "out?"  Maybe I missed something...

Before I developed an "on trend" color-induced headache, I stopped myself.  After a bit of reflection I determined that fashion is like a revolving door.  Some things seem to be on constant rotation while others are on their way out but will inevitably return someday.  It is important to not lose sight of what you like and what you feel confident in!

So without further ado, let me show you how a few vibrant colors have me in the holiday spirit.  And then maybe tomorrow my blush pink scarf will have me feeling festive.  We shall see.

I wore this multi-color ensemble for a day of holiday sightseeing in Washington D.C.  To be quite honest, this outfit started-off in a completely different direction but quickly evolved into what you see here.  I had originally planned to wear this seasonally appropriate reindeer tee and cardigan with a pair of skinny jeans.  Unfortunately the fit of the t-shirt and the rise of my skinnies just wasn't flattering.  As I was in a hurry to look at Christmas lights, I just started throwing-on different skirts, tights and cardigans and voilà!  I LOVE how this outfit turned-out.  The color combination is so rich, the shirt festive and again with those fleece-lined tights!

I'm oh so excited to be sporting this beautiful watch that I first noticed on Inge's blog This Ever Evolving Life.  I immediately added it to my Christmas list and my lovely parents obliged!

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Perfectly Coutured
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Dec 16, 2013

Winter Layers

Today at Greater Than Rubies, Caitlin and a few other lovely ladies are showing you how to do cute winter layers!

When I wake-up for work on freezing winter mornings, the last thing I feel like putting on is a dress!  Brrrr!  However, I am slowly convincing myself that a dress can be the coziest thing to throw-on.  Just add a few winter layers and you will look warm and cute all day!

First of all, this dress is the texture of a sweatshirt...perfect for staying comfy and cozy.  Adding a patterned long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress is a way to add warmth and interest to an outfit.

I recently purchased a couple pairs of fleece-lined tights from Target and I think they might actually be warmer than some of my pants!  Add a pair of these to your layered dress look and you won't even feel the winter chill!  (I can attest to this because I survived the sleet/fleezing rain/wintery mix in mine this weekend.)

For a little winter glamour, I've added a glitzy necklace and some sequined flats.  In my opinion, sparkle always adds to an outfit...particularly during the holidays!

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Dec 12, 2013

Christmas Ornament

On Monday I discussed how to wear red and green without looking like a Christmas ornament.  Well, today I decided to go all "deck the hall-ed out" on you!  I wore this outfit to decorate my Christmas tree...and if you can't dress in your red and green finest while decorating from the comfort of your own home, when can you?

After wearing this outfit for a comfy day at home, I've decided that I would actually wear it out and about.  They key to wearing a kitschy item like this Christmas scarf is confidence!  Look festive and your holiday cheer will be contagious!

When I do wear this in public, I will trade out the (ahhmazing) fleece-lined leggings for some jeans or ponté pants.  But I'm telling you, I might never leave if I can just relax in these leggings all day!

For your very own holiday scarf, just do an Etsy search for "Christmas scarf."  There are SO many cute options.  I've listed a few of my favorites below.

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Perfectly Coutured
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Dec 9, 2013

Red and Green

'Tis the season to sport those traditional holiday colors of red and green, right?  Wearing red and green is a surefire way to look festive, but how do you pull-off this look without looking like a cheeseball?

My answer to this dilemma is to find an item that already features red and green together. (Unless you are looking at a tacky Christmas sweater) if a piece of clothing has been designed with these colors in mind, I find that the look is more chic than if I were to sport a plethora of head-to-toe red and green items.

Today I'm wearing a comfy, red and green flannel shirt.  Plaid is particularly à la mode this season and a flannel top is a cozy way to fend-off the winter chill while still looking stylish.  I paired the top with neutral pants, a green tank and green flats to add to the holiday cheer.

As an alternate to the outfit shown above, I've untucked the shirt and added a red belt accent.  Which look do you like best?

Head over to Greater Than Rubies to check-out how a few other fashionable ladies are looking festive this holiday season!

And here are a few of my favorite red and green items for your Christmas shopping lists!
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Dec 7, 2013

Before the Storm

'Twas the night before a snowstorm...or so they are saying on the news!  I'm skeptical, however, since I have found that the Washington D.C. weather forecasters tend to exaggerate the threat of snow.  While skeptical, I am hopeful since the Michigander in me loves a good blizzard!  

In order to celebrate what I hope is the beginning of true winter weather, I'm posting one final fairer weather ensemble.  

I apologize once again for the fuzzy photos (this is the last time, I promise).

I had been looking for a chambray dress for about a year when I found this lovely Old Navy number.  Have you ever been on the hunt for something that you see everyone else wearing but somehow can't seem to find for yourself?  That was my chambray dress struggle.  It's one of those life mysteries, I guess.

I got this dress for a steal and it has been on regular rotation ever since.  It is really comfortable and is such an easy basic to dress-up in different ways.  I'm sure you will be seeing lots more of this dress.

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Nov 28, 2013

Tights will NOT protect you from monster bugs.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful to be writing to you from my family home with a cup of coffee and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on in the background.

I am also thankful for a long weekend repose from the craziness of life and work!  And it has been a crazy few weeks, hence the reason I have neglected Whitney à la mode (please forgive me?).

Which brings me to my point, a cute pair of tights most definitely will NOT protect you from monster bugs.  A little over a week ago, while innocently walking from work to my car (which takes all of 45 seconds), some sort of bug managed to get up my skirt, up my coat and sting me THROUGH my pair of tights.  It was quite painful and this little critter managed to do quite a bit of harm.  Over the course of the next couple of days it became apparent that there was something terribly wrong with the bite and I ended up in the emergency room.  Don't worry, though, it was nothing that a strong dosage of antibiotics couldn't take care of and I'm feeling much better!

Unfortunately, doctor's visits and work sort of knocked the blog to the wayside.  But I am back with pictures of my Thanksgiving ensemble!

(Sorry about the blurry photos.)  This look was inspired by this post of Kimmie's from Blue Paper Lanterns.  When I noticed that we own the exact same Everlane tee and that it looked great with a mustard cardigan and a plain-colored skirt, I knew I had to try it!  

I love the simplicity of the basic elements and the combination of the fall colors!  Leopard print flats add some easy pizazz.

I also think that this comfy skirt and draping t-shirt will hide the Thanksgiving dinner food baby that I am sure to have in a few short hours.  What are you wearing for Thanksgiving?  Do you go festive or comfy?  Or a perfect combination of both?

In any case, have a warm and relaxing holiday!  Happy Thanksgiving!

What I'm Wearing:
Perfectly Coutured
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Nov 11, 2013

Fall Twist

Happy Monday and Happy Veteran's Day!  Thank you to all who have served and to those who are currently serving to make the United States a safe place to live and to pursue happiness.

It's that time of the week again!  Time for another Remix, Rewear, Restyle challenge at Greater Than Rubies.  This week we are featuring a fall twist on a favorite summer look!

I originally purchased this navy, eyelet dress last spring for my sister's bridal shower.  A few months later it was a cute and easy dress to throw-on when the temperatures rose.  The navy color and the structure of the dress made for a good basic layer.  However the eyelet hem and the texture of the dress added some interest.

Here is a typical way in which I wore the dress this summer.  It was way too hot to add a scarf or cardigan.  However, a leopard print belt added pizzazz and worked nicely with my comfy cognac sandals.

I think that the remixing possibilities of this dress are vast but here is one way that it works for cooler weather.  Grey is a favorite neutral of mine and a grey tights and boot combination is comfortable and warm.  A striped cardigan and a chunky yellow scarf add more details and extra protection against the chill!

What I'm Wearing:
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Nov 7, 2013

Better than a Sweatshirt

This ensemble is my answer to those chilly, lazy mornings when you still want to look put together!

My primary motivation in starting Whitney à la mode was to motivate myself and to hold myself accountable for dressing more fashionably.  One area where I have always struggled with looking put together has been with comfy clothes.  Before discovering personal style blogs, my go-to outfit on lazy mornings was a sweatshirt and jeans.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with sweatshirts, I have been trying to step up my game!

I love this outfit because it is as comfortable as a sweatshirt while looking like I put a little bit of thought into my clothing.  The key to this ensemble is an extremely comfy dress!  Then I just added cozy layers until the look was completed.

What I'm Wearing:
Linking-up for Third Thursday Threads!

Perfectly Coutured
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Nov 4, 2013

What does the fox say?

Comfy and cozy?  A cute fox wearing pink glasses?  What's not to love about this sweater?!?

Clothing featuring animals are definitely in style this fall.  When Old Navy had a 50% off one item sale a few weeks ago, I knew that this sweater would be a fun and trendy addition to my closet.  I have to give a little "thank you" shout out to my dad who bought the sweater for me while he was visiting for a long weekend!

I'm linking-up with Caitlin at Greater Than Rubies for a sweater Remix, Rewear, Restyle challenge!

I think that this sweater has enough character to wear alone but is also a fun layering piece.  I was excited that my pink-toned gingham shirt really made the fox's glasses pop.  I'm also looking forward to wearing a chambray shirt underneath.

I wore this outfit on a pumpkin-picking, cider-drinking, donut-eating adventure!  I added my new vest for an extra layer of warmth.  The vest has a really great tweed texture and is super cozy.  It is definitely puffy, though, so I think it works best as an outdoor layer as opposed to an indoor accessory.

By the way, have you seen this video?  My high school students are all a-buzz about it and, consequently, I can't get it out of my head while I'm wearing this sweater!

What I'm Wearing:
  • Sweater: Old Navy (exact) <--No more fox sweaters, but they have birds, dogs and owls!
  • Shirt: Old Navy (similarsimilar)
  • Pants: Gap (exact)
  • Booties: Old Navy (exact)
  • Vest: Old Navy (exact)
P.S.  I didn't intend for this to become an "I heart Old Navy" post, but I guess I really do love Old Navy!
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Oct 29, 2013

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Scarf Edition

It's time for another edition of my Fall Capsule Wardrobe Remix!  For those of you new to the remix, I have been linking-up with Caitlin at Greater Than Rubies to showcase how I'm using 20 items of clothing already in my closet to create 30 fall-friendly looks!  Caitlin and some other fashionable ladies have already completed the challenge.  I'm a little behind (sometimes time just flies, ya know?!) but I'm especially enjoying the remix now that the weather is seasonally appropriate.

One of the absolute easiest ways to change-up the look of your wardrobe basics is to add a scarf!  Not to mention scarves are particularly appealing when the temperatures drop.  As simple as it is to throw one on, sometimes the world of scarves can seem a bit overwhelming.  There are just so many cute ones out there!  How do you know which to choose and with what to wear it?  When purchasing a new scarf, I try to keep several factors in mind in order to build a varied collection.  I think about:
  • Texture: I try to incorporate thick, chunky scarves as well as light, airy scarves that work in different temperatures and with different outfits.
  • Color: In my opinion, buying scarves that are always in the same color scheme will limit your options.  Branch out!  Having lots of different color options will open-up your closet to more possibilities.  (Scarves are also a less expensive way to experiment with colors you might not typically wear.)
  • Pattern: Patterned scarves add interesting detail to an outfit but sometimes a plain colored scarf adds that pop that your ensemble needs.
  • Detail: Scarves with lace, fringe and other details also add variety to your look.
In keeping these four ideas in mind, I think I have a varied collection of scarves that allow me to dress-up the basics without too much thought.  Did I miss anything?  What do you look for when buying scarves?

Even though this post is about scarf variety, for some reason this is the only scarf I've wanted to wear lately.  It is warm and cozy while still having a cute little neutral print at the bottom.  I bought it while on vacation in Northern Michigan so it also holds sentimental value.  Stay tuned for more outfits featuring this scarf!

I receive this scarf as a birthday present and I have gotten SO much wear out of it!  Never underestimate the power of a pretty floral scarf!  I love this one because the flowers make it fun for spring and summer but the colors also lend themselves well to fall!

As a Michigan State Spartan, I have a slight problem with this color combination (our biggest rival's colors are maize and blue).  I get over it by telling myself that this outfit is, in fact, mustard and navy.  Right?

Again with the neutrals!  All-neutral ensembles are hot this fall and I'm having some fun with this neutral pattern mixing!

Check-out my previously remixed fall ensembles!
What I'm Wearing:
  • Pink Top: Gap Outlet (similarsimilar)
  • Jeans: Zara (exact) <-- I think these are the same...I bought mine forever ago.
  • Floral Scarf: Gift/Target (similarsimilar)
  • Green Flats: Old Navy (exact)
I'm also linking-up with Lauren at Style Elixir for Style Sessions!
Style Elixir
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Oct 28, 2013

Easy Does It

Today I'm linking-up with Caitlin at Greater than Rubies for this week's Remix Rewear Restyle session.  This week's challenge has been, in my opinion, one of the easiest so far...fall boots!  Who doesn't love a good pair of boots when the weather turns chilly?

It seems that when the leaves start falling, boots are the easiest shoes to throw on with any outfit.  I wore this ensemble for a casual evening on the town.  Boots, a vest and a scarf are such easy and comfortable ways to dress-up the basics!  What is your favorite way to wear boots?

I would also like to take a moment to talk about these pants.  Franziska recently reviewed them here on her blog, Franish (one of my favorite personal style blogs)!  These Gap 1969 Ponte Legging Jeans are possibly the most comfortable pair of pants I've ever worn!  For those of you unfamiliar with ponte, I would call it a glorious mix between dress pant material and leggings.  I am apprehensive about wearing leggings in public but with these pants, I feel both appropriate and comfortable.  They are thick enough to be flattering on my not-so-perfect bottom half!  I would most definitely recommend these pants!

What I'm Wearing:

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Oct 22, 2013

The Power of Suggestion

While perusing my favorite personal style blogs, I've noticed, lately, that a lot of fashionistas have been attracted to all-neutral ensembles.  Well, chalk it up to the power of suggestion, but neutral outfits have been making me feel calm and put together this fall.

I'm wearing a t-shirt from Everlane in the color pine.  I love this color because it is subtle enough to be considered a neutral but is a bit more interesting than your basic black and white.  Have I mentioned how comfortable, soft and shapely the Everlane t-shirts are?

Skinnies and taupe booties complete the neutral base of my outfit.  And a scarf in fall tones is a such an easy way to add interest and pull together an outfit!

What I'm Wearing:
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Oct 18, 2013

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Dress Edition

It has been quite some time since my last Fall Capsule Wardrobe Remix post but I haven't given-up!  In fact, I'm still going strong and have lots of fun ideas for remixing my 20 pieces of clothing into 30 different fall-friendly outfits!  Make sure you head over to Caitlin's blog, Greater Than Rubies, to check-out remixes created by some other fabulous, fashionable ladies! 

In remixing my 20 pieces, it was easiest for me to pick one item (like my MSU sweatshirt in this post) and to create a bunch of different outfits around that one piece of clothing.  For this post, I decided to focus on a dress that I bought from Dressbarn.  Now, Dressbarn is my hidden gem for cute, affordable clothes.  Admittedly, lots of things there aren't really my style, but if I spend a little time looking, I usually find something this dress!

I love this outfit so much, that I've worn it twice already this fall!  It is perfect for comfy weekend outings as well as for work!  I love these green tights but sometimes feel unsure about what to wear them with...particularly when it comes to shoes.  I think they work with the cognac moccasins.  What do you think?  What shoes do you usually wear with colored tights (I'm really looking for advice here)?

I've noticed that booties and tassel necklaces are pretty trendy this fall.  Adding a couple of fun accessories can really spice-up a simple dress!  I can very easily add tights and a cardigan or blazer to this creation when the weather turns chillier!  Do you think my green tights will work here, too?

The dress code at the high school where I teach is professional yet relatively casual.  Any of the outfits in this post are dress code appropriate for me.  This one is even a little more professional than I usually dress, but is perfect for the days when I want to step-up my game a little bit!

I love that when I wear differently colored accessories, different colors in the dress pop!  It makes me feel like I'm wearing a totally new dress!  Multi-colored dresses lend themselves to so many different remixing possibilities.

This last dress ensemble is perfect for a chilly, sleepy weekday morning when all I want to do is crawl back into bed...but I have to go to work!  Muted accessories and a chunky cardigan just scream comfort to me.  This outfit plus a cup of coffee and I'm ready to go!

Take a peek at my other Fall Capsule Wardrobe posts and stay tuned for the rest of my autumn remixes!

What I'm Wearing:
  • Tassel Necklace: LOFT (exact)
  • Booties: Target (exact)
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