Dec 7, 2013

Before the Storm

'Twas the night before a snowstorm...or so they are saying on the news!  I'm skeptical, however, since I have found that the Washington D.C. weather forecasters tend to exaggerate the threat of snow.  While skeptical, I am hopeful since the Michigander in me loves a good blizzard!  

In order to celebrate what I hope is the beginning of true winter weather, I'm posting one final fairer weather ensemble.  

I apologize once again for the fuzzy photos (this is the last time, I promise).

I had been looking for a chambray dress for about a year when I found this lovely Old Navy number.  Have you ever been on the hunt for something that you see everyone else wearing but somehow can't seem to find for yourself?  That was my chambray dress struggle.  It's one of those life mysteries, I guess.

I got this dress for a steal and it has been on regular rotation ever since.  It is really comfortable and is such an easy basic to dress-up in different ways.  I'm sure you will be seeing lots more of this dress.

What I'm Wearing:

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  1. Great dress! It looks nice with the scarf too. I know I won't be baring my legs again until probably Spring!

    1. I agree! I recently found fleece-lined tights and I never want to take them off!