Dec 8, 2015

A Gift Guide for the Glamorous Teacher

Do you have a special teacher in your life?  Perhaps she's your sister, your daughter or your best friend?  Or maybe you want to treat your son or daughter's favorite teacher?

Between mountains of papers to be graded and sneezing students, teaching isn't usually considered a glamorous job.  But this special teacher of yours might have a glamorous side just waiting to shine through.  Pamper her a little this Christmas by treating her to a few practical and a few fancy gifts that will make her life easier and her job a bit more fun!

1.  Teachers are constantly on their feet and talking with students, parents, colleagues and administrators.  I can't tell you how much water I drink during the school day.  It's so important to stay hydrated.  A pretty water bottle makes hydration more fun and adds a pop of glamour to a teacher's desk.

2.  Oh, school supplies.  I think I might have become a teacher so I never have to stop buying school supplies.  And there are just so may pretty options out there!  These notebooks are gorgeous, these pencils are super cute, and don't even get me started on these pencil cases!

3.  I have never worked in a classroom that maintains a comfortable temperature.  I can go from sweating in the morning to freezing in the afternoon.  The key to staying comfortable is layers!  I like to keep a jacket or scarf on hand for those times when I need a bit of extra warmth.  These scarves would definitely be a splurge but perhaps you are in a position to treat that special teacher in your life.  You know she can't afford to on her teacher budget!

4.  Staying fortified is just as important as staying hydrated during the day.  On top of that, teachers don't get a ton of time to eat lunch, let alone snack.  I've recently become addicted to Justin's Almond Butters.  They are delicious, healthy, and come in convenient, individual servings!  The butters come in several different flavors and would make for a perfect stocking stuffer!

5.  On my list of things I need to survive a school day, coffee is number one!  I don't allow myself a single sip of coffee until I've made it to work.  It's my reward for getting the day started.  I enjoy that warm, creamy beverage through my first couple of classes.  A pretty mug just adds to my enjoyment (and that cat one, too cute).

6.  Are you surprised that we've come back to school supplies?  Your favorite teacher spends hours per week grading papers...and grading papers is way more fun with brightly-colored pens.  Papermate's Flair Pens are my personal fave.

7.  Cold and flu season has definitely arrived at my school.  To stay healthy, I swear by Emergen-C.  They are flavored powders that you add to a glass of water and that pack a Vitamin C punch.  I drink one once a day and I truly believe that it helps keep the germs away.  My favorite flavor is Tangerine!

8.  And finally, a chic tote is a must for the glamorous teacher!  I am constantly carrying papers, props and school supplies back and forth to work.  Target has some super cute and affordable totes.  If you're looking for a special treat, though, Shopbop has some beautiful options!

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