Jul 13, 2014

Parisian Café

Yesterday I went on a lovely afternoon excursion.  My friend and I ate a late lunch at a French café and popped into a few art galleries.  If you are in the D.C. area, I would highly recommend dining at Le Diplomate.  The ambiance and the food really made me feel like I was back in Paris!

Quite coincidentally, when I posted this #ootd picture on Instagram, my best friend commented that I looked like I should be in Paris!  I suppose I was channeling my love for all things French yesterday!

And keeping with the French theme today, my dear friend Maricel, the intelligent and witty creator of My Closet Catalogue, has nominated me for a Liebster Award.  You may recall learning more about me than you may ever want to know the last time I received a Liebster Award (which is a way for us small-time bloggers to talk about how wonderful our blogging friends are).  Anyway, Maricel has written several thought-provoking prompts and has challenged me to respond in French!  Allez-y!

-Je vois...trois photos: une photo de mon église à Bordeaux, une photo de ma meilleure amie et moi, et une photo du mariage de mes parents.
-Je trouve...que le temps fait trop chaud aujourd'hui.
-J'ai...le chat le plus mignon du monde.
-J'aimerais...lire beaucoup de livres cet été.  J'en ai déjà lu trois : The Goldfinch, The Storyteller et Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  Je viens de commencer The Silkworm de Robert Galbraith.
-Michigan me manque beaucoup.
-J'ai peur...des araignées.
-Je me sens...contente parce que c'est dimanche et je suis chez moi avec un café et mon petit chat.
-Je désire...un cupcake d'Occasionally Cakes à Old Town Alexandria.  Miam miam!
-Je cherche...la paix dans ma vie.
-Je me demande...où voyager pour mes prochaines vacances?  Vous avez des idées?
-Je ne regrette rien!

(And just in case you don't speak French)

-I see...three photos: a photo of my church in Bordeaux, a photo of my best friend and me, and a wedding photo of my parents.
-I find...that the weather today is too hot.
-I have...the cutest cat in the world.
-I wish...to read lots of books this summer.  I've already read The GoldfinchThe Storyteller and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  I just started The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith.
-I miss...Michigan a lot.
-I fear...spiders.
-I feel...content because it's Sunday and I'm at home with a cup of coffee and my cat.
-I crave...a cupcake from Occasionally Cakes in Old Town Alexandria.  Yum yum!
-I search...for peace in my life.
-I wonder...where I should go for my next vacation?  Any ideas?
-I regret nothing!

Instead of nominating the wonderful bloggers who have become my friends for yet another Liebster Award, I am instead going to simply list them.  If you have a couple of free minutes, I hope you will visit the pages of these inspiring women!

Brynn of Brynnash

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: ASOS (exact)
Purse: Coach Outlet (similar, similar)
Shoes: Aldo (similar, similar)

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