Sep 23, 2013

Navy, My Favorite Neutral

Up until a few months ago, I never thought of navy as a neutral.  I thought of it as, well, blue...a color.  Now, however, that I've started thinking of navy as a neutral, I find that it goes with just about everything.  It might actually be giving my other favorite neutral, grey, a run for his money.  But then again, I do love cognac, too...

Anyway, I love this neon pink belt as a simple pop of color!  And if you look oh so closely you will notice that the tiny pink flamingos on my wedges match my belt!  There is something so crisp about this navy and pink outfit.

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Sep 19, 2013

A Tee Turned Fancy

Today I'm participating in Third Thursday Threads at Bri's blog, Work Clothes, I Suppose!  On this particular third Thursday of the month, Bri invited us to showcase an outfit featuring a dressed-up t-shirt.  

The tee that I decided to show-off has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now.  I love the vibrant coral color and I think that the ruffly sleeves are a cute detail.  A great way to dress-up a basic t-shirt is to look for one with an interesting detail like these sleeves or perhaps an embellished collar.

Here, I've worn this tee in a coral-focused ensemble.  To me, coral is a good summer to fall transitional color.  It is still bright and summary but the orange-hue makes it work for fall.  Do you agree?  A pencil skirt really dresses-up the t-shirt and coral flats complete the monochromatic look.

I'm also wearing my new tassel bracelet!  Through reading personal style blogs, I have become much more aware of current trends and I think that the latest tasseled accessories are really fun!  I've noticed a lot of girls wearing similar bracelets with chunky watches and extra bangles.  I love the look but tend to accessorize more simply, myself.  I've taken the bedazzled wrist look and toned it down so that it works for me!

Are there any trends that you are currently loving and how are you making them work with your style?  Don't forget to stop by Third Thursday Threads to see some more fancy tees!

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Sep 13, 2013

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Go Green Edition

Now, there is something really important you should know about me.  I am a HUGE Michigan State University fan.  As a second-generation Spartan and a two time graduate from MSU, I practically bleed green.

When Caitlin from Greater than Rubies proposed the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Remix Challenge, I knew that I had to include a Michigan State sweatshirt.  I mean, fall is football season, right?

Typically I pair MSU gear with a pair of jeans and that's it!  I'm so happy that this challenge has encouraged me to think outside the box because I absolutely adore some of the spirited ensembles I have put together.

This is a perfect tailgating outfit!  The leggings are comfy.  The boots are warm.  The layers add extra protection from the midwestern fall chill!  I will hopefully get to make the trek home for one MSU football game this fall and I'm already planning to wear this outfit.

This ensemble is a little more jazzy with the high-heeled booties and vest.  I think this would be cute to wear to a sports bar to catch the latest game (which is the way I have to watch most of my Spartan football these days).

What better bottom to pair with an MSU sweatshirt but a GREEN skirt?  Who knew that a sweatshirt tucked into a skirt would look so cute?  This wouldn't work for all sweatshirts but this slimmer style tucks right in.  This look would also look cute with a team t-shirt.

This hot pink blazer and bright purple flats add pizazz to my spirit-wear.  On Fridays, I'm allowed to wear college gear and jeans to work.  These extra pieces are a perfect way to brighten-up an outfit and the end of my work week!

Who is your favorite team and how do you spice-up your fan gear?

Oh, and GO GREEN!

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Sep 9, 2013

Country Glam

This weekend I went to an Alan Jackson concert and I wanted to look a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

My plan?  gingham shirt + high-heeled booties + rhinestones = country glam

I think that this gingham shirt is going to be one of my fall favorites.  It looks put together but it is super soft and comfortable.  Perfect for work or weekends!  I attempted the half-tucked shirt look for the first time ever!  I have practiced before in front of my mirror but I usually look like my shirt is just accidentally coming untucked.  I think I pulled it off here but I have no idea you know the secret to the perfectly semi-tucked shirt look?

I found this great little purse at an antique store this summer!  I am not a big antique or consignment store shopper but my best friend convinced me to buy it and I'm glad she did!  It added extra glitz and glamour to my ensemble.

How do you like my glamour-shot selfie?  Haha.  I just had to capture a close-up of the rhinestone necklace that was the final touch to my outfit.  Can you believe I've had this necklace since high school?

Check-out this look as well as other after-Labor Day white outfits at Greater Than Rubies for today's Remix Rewear Restyle Challenge!

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Sep 8, 2013

Pattern Mixing and Pale Legs

Holy smokes!  Take a look at those pale legs!  Would you believe that I'm a teacher who just had a summer full of free time to spend at the pool?  It's true...but in all honesty, I went swimming only twice this summer.  Don't worry, though, I spent plenty of time relaxing in other ways!

I used to feel badly about being so pale.  When I was in high school I spent countless hours in a tanning bed and up until recently, I tried so very hard for that sun-kissed look during the summer.  Only within the past few years have I come to love and embrace my fair skin.  Looking stylish has so much to do with confidence...not only in your clothes but in your own skin!

Do you have a feature of your body that you wish you could change?  I hope that you can learn to embrace yourself and that you might even try to highlight this unique feature that you possess.  This hot pink and black ensemble totally accentuates my fair skin...but I love it!  How can you work your individual qualities so that you feel beautiful and confident?

This outfit is another attempt at pattern mixing.  There is just something about pattern mixing that I think is so stylish.  It seems edgy to me since I never would have attempted it before starting to read personal style blogs.  I also think it makes an outfit choice appear more intentional than just throwing some basics together (although it can be so fun to dress-up the basics)!

Alright, it's time for me to slather on some sunscreen and enjoy a relaxing Sunday!

Linking-up for Très-Chic Fashion Thursday!

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Sep 6, 2013

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Skirt Edition

I have been having so much fun with the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Remix on Caitlin's blog, Greater than Rubies!  For this remix, I am creating 30 fall-friendly ensembles from 20 clothing items.  I believe that I have previously mentioned my love of autumn which definitely extends into a love for fall clothes!  Even though it is still too warm in the Washington D.C. area to wear most of these outfits, I find myself counting down the days until I can comfortably wear my mustard sweater and my new riding boots.  

I have found that it is easier than I expected to put together so many outfits from 20 items of clothing (remind me of this moment when I'm stuck on my 29th outfit).  For this reason I chose to focus this post on five outfits created with the two skirts that I included in my remix.  Further, due to the bare legs, I figure that I might be able to wear these outfits a little sooner than my other fall creations.  When it (finally) gets cooler, I can easily add tights to each outfit.

You will recognize my navy and white print skirt from this post.  As my favorite summer skirt, I am super excited that it works well in cooler weather creations.

Here I paired my favorite skirt with a mustard striped sweater.  I used to think that I couldn't wear yellow due to my fair skin.  I liked the mustard trend so well, though, that I decided to try it anyway...and it worked!  If there is a particular style you like but don't think you can wear, don't write it off just yet.  You owe it to yourself to at least try it!  If it still doesn't work, try to make minor adjustments until it works for you (for example, try different shades of yellow instead of mustard).  To complete my outfit, I added my beautiful, new riding boots that I got for a great deal (that's what happens when you combine birthday coupons with purchasing boots at the end of May...).

Side note: I locked myself out of my apartment while taking these photos which is not so much fun when you are wearing a sweater in 90 degree weather.  My neighbor probably thinks I'm nuts.

This outfit is a bit more transitional from summer to fall with its loose eyelet top and patterned wedges.  Some chunky and sparkly jewelry add a bit of a glamorous touch!

This is an exact outfit from my previously mentioned "One Piece Many Ways" post.  It is perfect for work as a teacher and I am STILL waiting on that cooler weather to wear it!

On to the second skirt!  I like that this green number has an entirely different shape from the first skirt.  The differences between the two make for more versatile remixing options.

I think that the blue and green in this outfit compliment each other so well and that the button-up with the a-line skirt create a polished silhouette!  With my sassy, new booties and a glamorous necklace, I'm feeling good!

Phew!  We've made it to the last outfit of the post!  Are you still there?  This shirt is another purchase from my infamously successful outlet trip in August.  I love the colors because they work with just about every bottom I own!  By adding the denim jacket, I'm ready for cooler temperatures!

Now if only those temperatures would actually cool down!

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Sep 3, 2013

One Piece Many Ways: Military-Inspired Vest

Before I started reading personal style blogs, I never even contemplated wearing a vest.  For some reason I just assumed that vests "weren't me."  But then summer arrived...and it got hot...and I needed cute ways to spice up outfits without adding sweat-inducing layers.  I noticed other bloggers wearing cute outfits featuring vests and I thought, "hmm, that might work!"

I initially started looking for a denim vest but I have yet to find one that fits my criteria.  Speaking of which, do you have any suggestions for a decently priced, classic looking, medium-dark wash denim vest??

Anyways, during a recent trip to the outlet mall, I happened upon this adorable military-inspired vest!  I fell in love with the purplish-grey hue and the adorable back detail...and I decided that this is a look that I have to try!

When Audrey over at Putting Me Together announced another "One Piece Many Ways" Link-Up, I knew that this was the perfect moment feature and experiment with my new vest!

My first look is extremely casual.  Black leggings and a chambray shirt are comfy basics and the vest adds a bit of color and interest to the ensemble while maintaining a laid-back style.

This is exactly what I had in mind earlier this summer when I wanted a vest to add interest to a summer outfit because blazers and cardigans just aren't an option in the heat.

I put this last look together as a work ensemble.  I think it looks just a bit more put together than a simple top and dress pants.

(and look at the adorable back detail!)

This is just the beginning for my adorable, purply vest and I can't wait to show you lots more of my vest creations!

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