Oct 31, 2018

Belgian Cardigan

I know you've heard of Belgian chocolate, but did you know that Belgian cardigans are a thing, too!?  Okay, okay, maybe it's not a thing, but I did buy this cardigan in Belgium!

Speaking of cardigans, do you get as excited about cardigan season (a.k.a. fall) as I do?  I just feel more pulled-together and stylish when I can add a layer to my outfit.  And since this cardigan was a souvenir and is a bit more stylized with the swingy fit and shorter sleeves, I'm extra happy to pull it out of the closet on chilly days.

In other news, I finally made plans to get back into blogging about style.  I put together this outfit and wore it on a day when Justin would be able to take a few outfit pictures...and then my camera dies!  I guess that's what happens when you're an absentee blogger and neglect your camera for a few months.  So this is my only picture!

But you're in luck!  If you are looking for other long cardigan inspiration, make sure to head over to The Blended Blog or visit Lana at My New Happy to link-up and peruse lots of cardigan-themed ensembles.

Oct 24, 2018

TBB Style Link-Up Schedule

Well hello there, friends!  I just want to pop-in today to remind you that Wednesdays are for style around here.  I've gotten myself out of the habit of posting outfit pictures, but as I get back into the swing of things, I'll be linking-up with The Blended Blog every Wednesday with what I've been wearing.

This week my lovely friends are featuring their boho babe looks.  If you want to flaunt your bohemian style, make sure to head to The Blended Blog or our host this week, Andrea's, blog Living on Cloud Nine, to link-up!

And make sure to join me next week (and all the weeks to follow) by dressing for the prompts below!

Oct 22, 2018

Trunk Club Review: Fall 2018

Happy Monday, friends!  I know, I know.  I keep telling you that I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging.  So here is my fresh start, once again!  (Thanks for always sticking with me through the ups and downs of blogging).

Anyways, back in April, I posted a review of my first Trunk Club experience.  I've elected to receive trunks seasonally and I wanted to share with you what I've received this fall!

If you're unfamiliar with Trunk Club, I'll share the information directly below.  If you already know what the service provides, jump down the first picture!

What is Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a personal styling service through Nordstrom.  For a $25 styling fee, your personal stylist will get to know you and what you like to wear.  Then she will send you a trunk filled with goodies curated for you to try-on.  From there, you purchase what you want to keep (the $25 fee is applied to what you decide to buy) and send the rest back for free!  Afterwards, you review all pieces so that your stylist can use the information to put together your next trunk.  You can choose to receive a new trunk every month or seasonally (and you can skip trunks if you want).

If this is something you are interested in trying, I would super appreciate you using my my referral link so I can earn money towards my next trunk!

Why I like Trunk Club better than Stitch Fix.

You might be thinking that TC sounds a lot like Stitch Fix.  That's because it's super similar...but I like Trunk Club better!  Yes, the styling fee is $25 as opposed the $20 for Stitch Fix.  But you get so many more items in your Trunk Club box.  I feel that your odds of getting something you like are way better!  Plus, the styling fee is applied to what you decide to buy anyways, so that extra $5 doesn't matter too much.

I also like the personal connection you have to your Trunk Club stylist.  You actually get to chat with her (or him) in real time about your personal style and what kinds of clothes you are looking for.  That paired with the style survey you fill-out helps your stylist to really pick-out things that are perfect for you!

On top of the variety of pieces you receive and the personal attention, my stylist nailed my fit!  I usually eliminated most Stitch Fix pieces I received because they didn't fit quite right.  My stylist, Abby, made it hard to choose what to keep because all but one piece fit so well!

The Pieces.

Gibson Tie Front Crepe Top: This top is super cute!  I found the wrap detailing to be flattering and interesting enough to let the top speak for itself without adding lots of accessories.  I also love the color (plus it comes in five other hues and patterns).  I'm wearing my typical size medium and the top fits true-to-size.  Ultimately, I didn't keep the top, though.  There was one amazing splurge piece in my trunk that I decided to keep at the cost of returning everything else.  This shirt was hard to say goodbye to!

Good American Good Waist Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans:  Y'all, these jeans were so soft, stretchy and comfy!  While I didn't keep them, I did wear them around the house a bit and they seemed to hold their shape and smoothed-out my curves.  Speaking of curves, I'm really feeling this new brand, Good American, for more than just these jeans.  They have a great collection of work-out clothes (I mean, check-out these leggingsand they are big on size-inclusivity!  P.S.  I'm wearing a size 6 in these jeans when I typically wear a size 8 in pants.

Baublebar Cathleen Statement Necklace: This necklace is really pretty and would add a fun sparkle to your upcoming holiday attire.  Ultimately, though, I already have a really similar necklace so I passed on this beauty.

Lucky Brand Perrma Bootie: Oh man, did I love these ankle boots!  I loved the color, the detail and the texture was so so soft!  Ultimately, though, I splurged on something else (I'm saving it for the end of the post) so I sent these back.  I still miss them.

Madewell Mock Neck Boxy T-Shirt Dress: This dress would be a great staple piece in your wardrobe! While being a t-shirt dress, the material was thick and hung nicely on my body.  It would be fun to add various cardigans, blazers, scarves and boots to the dress to make for some creative fall looks.  I'm wearing my usual medium.

Nordstrom Cashmere and Silk Wrap: The color and texture of this scarf was beautiful!  Although I honestly found it to be too small to style different ways.  Considering the price of the scarf, this was an easy pass for me.

Halogen Twist Back Sweater:  I apologize for these pictures being rather dark, but to be honest, you're not missing much with this outfit.  I had high hopes for this slouchy sweater with an interesting back.  However the fit was so unflattering that I didn't even bother to try to get a picture of the back.  I'm wearing a medium and I wouldn't say the sizing is necessarily off, just the sweater in general.

Wit and Wisdom Ab-Solution Skinny Ponte Pants: Okay, so these pants were admittedly not as bad as I thought they would be.  But let me tell you, plaid leggings and my legs are not a good mix.  My typical size 8 did fit, though!

Loveappella Short Sleeve Wrap Top Jumpsuit: So from the front, I actually loved this jumpsuit (I did not expect to like it so much) but from the back, it was a total no.  It fit so tightly across my backside that there was no way I would go out in public wearing it.  I'm wearing a size medium so I would definitely recommending one size up from what you normally wear.

Gibson Notch Collar Cotton Blend Blazer: If you're looking for a good classic, yet comfortable blazer, this one would be a great one to check-out!  For me, I know I usually like blazers only when they have some unique detailing so this one went back to Nordstrom. (If you like it, it does run true-to-size)!

Treasure and Bond Glen Plaid Shirt: This shirt was another big 'ole no!  Oversized, more masculine looking pieces definitely aren't my style so I sent this back.  I think maybe had my stylist sent one size down, I may have liked it better.  So definitely size down on this one.

Linea Paolo Dean Pointy Toe Flat: But these shoes, aren't they beautiful!  As soon as I saw them, I knew my chances of keeping anything else from my trunk were slim.  They were definitely a splurge but I think that they will be a great staple in my wardrobe for years to come!

What do you think?  I'd love to know what pieces you liked and didn't like so leave a comment below!

Oct 3, 2018

Currently: October 2018

wearing: these beauties.  Instead of keeping a few less-expensive pieces from my latest Trunk Club (review coming soon), I decided to splurge on this fun pair of shoes.  I'm going to break them in at a wedding in a few weekends and then add them to my fall wardrobe rotation!

collecting: clothing items for our upcoming engagement pictures.  Alright, the pictures aren't until December but it's never to early to think about outfits, right?!  We're planning to shoot some photos at a Christmas tree farm as well as a few in our home, which means costume changes and lots of outfit planning.  My favorite!

making: lots of fall favorites!  It's squash season and I'm loving it!  I have two spaghetti squashes and a butternut sitting on my counter right now.  I enjoy making homemade pasta sauce with ground turkey to eat over spaghetti squash and I want to try this Panera dupe soon! 

taking: time to watch all of the Halloween movies.  I mentioned in my recent bucket list post that Justin and I are going to watch all of the spooky movie franchise this month in preparation for watching the new one when it comes-out at the end of October.  This means actually setting aside quiet time to enjoy each other, our home and some scary movies!

planning: a trip to Chicago to try-on wedding dresses in December!  I've loved the BHLDN bridal collection for years, so I'm excited for my first try-on session to be at their store in the windy city.  My parents, Justin and I will celebrate our one year pre-wedding date with good food, good drinks, Christmas lights and hopefully finding my dream wedding dress in Chicago!  P.S. The wedding dress in the photo is not one of my top picks.  I can't ruin that surprise!

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