Aug 29, 2018

I Blogged!

Why hello, I'm Whitney!  You may have forgotten I existed since it's been oh, about two months since I last blogged.  I took a little bit of time off to adjust to my new work schedule.  If you missed it, I've spent the summer transitioning from being a teacher (aka having the entire summer off) to working a 9-5 gig in an office.

Overall I'm feeling quite happy with my career change!  I definitely miss parts of teaching and feel the occasional pang of panic that I don't have set breaks from work anymore, but I'm loving the steady pace of a year-round job and how fast my workday seems to fly by!

I plan to share a bit more about what I'm doing now, why I made such a big change, and how I feel about it in the future.  But instead of diving deep in my first post back, let's keep it light with a quick summer outfit!

This Target maxi dress has been a fun piece to dress-up or down this summer.  I first wore it with a pair of wedges and a sparkly necklace to chaperone a semi-formal dance at the end of the school year (is there anything sweeter than 8th graders all gussied up?!).  For a backyard celebration, I kept it more casual with sandals and my trusty denim jacket.

I'm currently thinking of ways to transition it to fall.  This is going to be a challenge since the dress is so summery.  Any ideas?

And not only did I manage to write a blog post, I managed to do it on the day of The Blended Blog's style link-up!  Make sure to link-up your favorite looks of the week below.