May 1, 2019

Currently: May 2019

admiring: the latest Gal Meets Glam dress collection.  I've been a fan of Julia Hengel's feminine designs since she released her first collection a year ago (as evidenced by this post and this post).  Her spring dresses this year have me dreaming about the bridal shower dress that I will need to purchase soon.  I have my eye on Norah and Polly.

finishing: my long training runs.  My first half marathon is less than a month away!  On Sunday, I plan to run 14 miles and then my training will taper until the race.  I have to admit, I'm looking forward to some shorter runs.  I'm also pretty darn excited (and nervous) for race weekend!

borrowing: a dvd.  From an actual video rental place.  Justin and I decided to have a nostalgic, 90s-style date night on Saturday.  We ordered a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut, rented a movie from Family Video (we watched this one) and got a couple boxes of candy for dessert.  The date was so simple but so fun!  We felt like teenagers again and definitely plan to put this date on repeat.

remembering: our proposal weekend!  It's almost been a year since Justin asked me to marry him.  The closer we get to the anniversary of that special day, the more excited I feel to celebrate together during our annual trip to Traverse City!

playing: outside (if by playing, you mean doing yard work).  But I'm actually enjoying it (sidenote: does that make me officially an adult?)!  In any case, Justin and I are still clearing-out the dead stuff from last year and looking forward to planting a few new things this year.  I'm especially excited for our peach tree to produce more fruit!

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