Dec 19, 2013


Since I discovered personal style blogs, I've learned so much about how to put myself together in a fashionable and affordable way that is still "me."  I feel excited when I learn about a new trend and then suddenly start to notice it popping-up in stores.  I feel like some sort of fashion insider!

While I know I've come a long way, I also know I have much more to learn on my style journey.  Along with a laundry list of personal style goals, I sometimes just feel plain old overwhelmed by the wide world of fashion.  

This weekend I was contemplating what is currently "in" and here is a reproduction of the thoughts that raced through my head: "I'm really loving plaid lately.  What a fun trend.  And bold colors like cobalt and emerald, I really think they complement my skin tone.  But isn't cobalt always a trendy color?  Or maybe I said say "on trend" instead of "trendy."  Hmmm?  I also LOVE blush pink.  I've been reading that blush is a great winter color.  But are bold colors and blush pink both "in?"  Is one "out?"  Maybe I missed something...

Before I developed an "on trend" color-induced headache, I stopped myself.  After a bit of reflection I determined that fashion is like a revolving door.  Some things seem to be on constant rotation while others are on their way out but will inevitably return someday.  It is important to not lose sight of what you like and what you feel confident in!

So without further ado, let me show you how a few vibrant colors have me in the holiday spirit.  And then maybe tomorrow my blush pink scarf will have me feeling festive.  We shall see.

I wore this multi-color ensemble for a day of holiday sightseeing in Washington D.C.  To be quite honest, this outfit started-off in a completely different direction but quickly evolved into what you see here.  I had originally planned to wear this seasonally appropriate reindeer tee and cardigan with a pair of skinny jeans.  Unfortunately the fit of the t-shirt and the rise of my skinnies just wasn't flattering.  As I was in a hurry to look at Christmas lights, I just started throwing-on different skirts, tights and cardigans and voilà!  I LOVE how this outfit turned-out.  The color combination is so rich, the shirt festive and again with those fleece-lined tights!

I'm oh so excited to be sporting this beautiful watch that I first noticed on Inge's blog This Ever Evolving Life.  I immediately added it to my Christmas list and my lovely parents obliged!

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Perfectly Coutured

Dec 16, 2013

Winter Layers

Today at Greater Than Rubies, Caitlin and a few other lovely ladies are showing you how to do cute winter layers!

When I wake-up for work on freezing winter mornings, the last thing I feel like putting on is a dress!  Brrrr!  However, I am slowly convincing myself that a dress can be the coziest thing to throw-on.  Just add a few winter layers and you will look warm and cute all day!

First of all, this dress is the texture of a sweatshirt...perfect for staying comfy and cozy.  Adding a patterned long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress is a way to add warmth and interest to an outfit.

I recently purchased a couple pairs of fleece-lined tights from Target and I think they might actually be warmer than some of my pants!  Add a pair of these to your layered dress look and you won't even feel the winter chill!  (I can attest to this because I survived the sleet/fleezing rain/wintery mix in mine this weekend.)

For a little winter glamour, I've added a glitzy necklace and some sequined flats.  In my opinion, sparkle always adds to an outfit...particularly during the holidays!

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Dec 12, 2013

Christmas Ornament

On Monday I discussed how to wear red and green without looking like a Christmas ornament.  Well, today I decided to go all "deck the hall-ed out" on you!  I wore this outfit to decorate my Christmas tree...and if you can't dress in your red and green finest while decorating from the comfort of your own home, when can you?

After wearing this outfit for a comfy day at home, I've decided that I would actually wear it out and about.  They key to wearing a kitschy item like this Christmas scarf is confidence!  Look festive and your holiday cheer will be contagious!

When I do wear this in public, I will trade out the (ahhmazing) fleece-lined leggings for some jeans or ponté pants.  But I'm telling you, I might never leave if I can just relax in these leggings all day!

For your very own holiday scarf, just do an Etsy search for "Christmas scarf."  There are SO many cute options.  I've listed a few of my favorites below.

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Perfectly Coutured

Dec 9, 2013

Red and Green

'Tis the season to sport those traditional holiday colors of red and green, right?  Wearing red and green is a surefire way to look festive, but how do you pull-off this look without looking like a cheeseball?

My answer to this dilemma is to find an item that already features red and green together. (Unless you are looking at a tacky Christmas sweater) if a piece of clothing has been designed with these colors in mind, I find that the look is more chic than if I were to sport a plethora of head-to-toe red and green items.

Today I'm wearing a comfy, red and green flannel shirt.  Plaid is particularly à la mode this season and a flannel top is a cozy way to fend-off the winter chill while still looking stylish.  I paired the top with neutral pants, a green tank and green flats to add to the holiday cheer.

As an alternate to the outfit shown above, I've untucked the shirt and added a red belt accent.  Which look do you like best?

Head over to Greater Than Rubies to check-out how a few other fashionable ladies are looking festive this holiday season!

And here are a few of my favorite red and green items for your Christmas shopping lists!
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Dec 7, 2013

Before the Storm

'Twas the night before a snowstorm...or so they are saying on the news!  I'm skeptical, however, since I have found that the Washington D.C. weather forecasters tend to exaggerate the threat of snow.  While skeptical, I am hopeful since the Michigander in me loves a good blizzard!  

In order to celebrate what I hope is the beginning of true winter weather, I'm posting one final fairer weather ensemble.  

I apologize once again for the fuzzy photos (this is the last time, I promise).

I had been looking for a chambray dress for about a year when I found this lovely Old Navy number.  Have you ever been on the hunt for something that you see everyone else wearing but somehow can't seem to find for yourself?  That was my chambray dress struggle.  It's one of those life mysteries, I guess.

I got this dress for a steal and it has been on regular rotation ever since.  It is really comfortable and is such an easy basic to dress-up in different ways.  I'm sure you will be seeing lots more of this dress.

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