Sep 8, 2013

Pattern Mixing and Pale Legs

Holy smokes!  Take a look at those pale legs!  Would you believe that I'm a teacher who just had a summer full of free time to spend at the pool?  It's true...but in all honesty, I went swimming only twice this summer.  Don't worry, though, I spent plenty of time relaxing in other ways!

I used to feel badly about being so pale.  When I was in high school I spent countless hours in a tanning bed and up until recently, I tried so very hard for that sun-kissed look during the summer.  Only within the past few years have I come to love and embrace my fair skin.  Looking stylish has so much to do with confidence...not only in your clothes but in your own skin!

Do you have a feature of your body that you wish you could change?  I hope that you can learn to embrace yourself and that you might even try to highlight this unique feature that you possess.  This hot pink and black ensemble totally accentuates my fair skin...but I love it!  How can you work your individual qualities so that you feel beautiful and confident?

This outfit is another attempt at pattern mixing.  There is just something about pattern mixing that I think is so stylish.  It seems edgy to me since I never would have attempted it before starting to read personal style blogs.  I also think it makes an outfit choice appear more intentional than just throwing some basics together (although it can be so fun to dress-up the basics)!

Alright, it's time for me to slather on some sunscreen and enjoy a relaxing Sunday!

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  1. Three cheers for celebrating your lovely pale skin! The pink shirt is so flattering!

    I still fake a tan thanks to St. Tropez self-tanning mousse, but I'm slowly starting to prefer my natural skin tone. Your post encouraged me!

    1. Oh good! I really want you to love your fair skin, too (although I'm glad that your tan comes out of a bottle instead of from the sun or a tanning bed)!