Mar 9, 2014

I Am Beautiful

In the world of style blogging as well as in the real world, it is easy to be caught-up in looking perfect.  I know that I am guilty of comparing myself to celebrities, other bloggers and to women I see on the street.  I am guilty of obsessing about the few pounds I've gained.  I am guilty of complaining about my perpetually frizzy hair.

Can we take a collective break from these negative thoughts and take a deep breath?  Ok, are you with me now?  One, two, three, breath in, breath out.

Agi at Vodka Infused Lemonade is hosting a thoughtful link-up where we share our make-up free faces.  What a perfect moment to appreciate who we really are and to take a step back from self-doubt and negativity.

So my friends, give your face a breather today!  Your frizzy curls, your freckles and your laugh lines are what make you beautiful and unique!

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  1. Awww this is so sweet and inspiring! You're goooooorgeous with and without makeup :D

  2. I just noticed that you linked up Whitney. Thank you so much. Love your natural look.


    1. Thank YOU for hosting such an inspiring link-up!