Aug 27, 2014

August Budget

While chronicling my purchases in July, I posed a question to you and in return, received lots of great advice!  I was debating whether or not to include pajamas, exercise clothes and underwear in my $250 quarterly budget.  After reading your advice and thinking a little bit more about my spending habits, I've come to a conclusion.  I'm going to have a separate, yearly budget of $200 for these necessities.  I ultimately decided not to include these things in my clothing budget because I could foresee myself avoiding underwear purchases because I would rather have a new dress...and sometimes you really should by new underwear.  But, since money is tight around here, I thought that I should have a budget of some sort.  I actually doubt that I will spend the full $200 each year but I wanted the amount to cover the ever-expensive bra purchases when necessary.

I've also made another decision regarding my budget.  I've decided not to include my Rocks Box subscription fee in my budget.  I thought a lot about canceling this service but I really really enjoy these little, sparkly deliveries.  But taking $60 out of my quarterly $250 was feeling like a huge deduction.  Since my subscription is a fixed amount and not something I need to be careful about controlling, I'm accounting for it in my general budget as opposed to my clothing budget.  If I decide to purchase any of my Rocks Box goods, however, I will deduct that amount from my clothes budget.

Now on to my August purchases!  My mom and I have developed a fun tradition of shopping together at an outlet mall every August for a few back-to-school purchases.  This was our fifth year running!  Since I knew in advance that we would be shopping, I expected to spend almost the rest of my budget this month.  However, by taking advantage of sales, using Gap Card rewards, and with a couple of gifts from my mom, I was able to stretch my budget pretty far.

1.  Banana Republic Outlet Maxi Dress: Original Price- $89.99 Amount Spent- $21.56
I've said it once and I'll say it again: this dress is amazing!
2.  Banana Republic Outlet Maxi Dress: Original Price- $89.99 Amount Spent- $21.55
This dress is so great in fact that I bought it in two different prints.
3.  Banana Republic Outlet Beaded Shell: Original Price- $69.99 Amount Spent- $16.76
I love the beaded details in this top and the colors will make it really remixable.
4.  Banana Republic Outlet Lace Tank: Original Price- $49.99 Amount Spent- $11.97
Lace is a great way to add texture while keeping with a solid color.  Orange will be great for fall!
5.  Banana Republic Outlet Skirt: Original Price- $59.99 Amount Spent- $20.11
Not pictured.  I couldn't find this one online but I'm sure you will be seeing it on the blog pretty soon!
6.  LOFT Outlet Dress: Original Price- $49.99 Amount Spent- $0
Not pictured.  Again, I couldn't find this dress online but you've already seen it on my last post.
7.  LOFT Outlet Statement Necklace: Original Price- $34.99 Amount Spent- $0
Not pictured.  You gotta love statement necklaces!  What until you see this fall-hued sparkler!

Total Spent August- $97
Total Spent this Quarter- $215.79 (Total Saved $471)
Total Remaining- $34.21

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