Oct 29, 2014

Life Lately

Hello, my friends!  I've missed you lately!  It seems like my life has exploded with activity over the past couple of weeks and it hasn't yet slowed-down.  I'm not posting as frequently as I would like and I haven't been to visit my favorite blogs in what feels like ages (sorry, ladies!)...and I most certainly haven't taken any outfit photos.

I have diligently been wearing my 15x31 Remix outfits but I won't be able to post about them tomorrow seeing as I don't have any photographic evidence.  I will hopefully have a little photo shoot this weekend to get back on track.  What I will do today is share a little bit about what I've been up to, along with a few Instagram photos.

Last week on Wednesday, I left for my beloved Michigan where I had a fun and action-packed five days.  On Thursday and Friday, I attended the Michigan World Language Conference for teachers.  This event is always an inspirational and rejuvenating experience for me.  This year, I actually gave a presentation at the conference!  I had spent a lot of time preparing for my session and I was pretty nervous, so I felt really proud when my presentation went well!  I celebrated by eating delicious food, drinking wine, and relaxing with a few of my favorites.

Oh, and I got my hair cut (yes, I still get my hair cut in Michigan).

Football Saturdays are one of my favorite fall events so I was happy that the trip for my conference coincided with the Michigan State v. University of Michigan game (one of the biggest games of the year).  I tailgated in the crisp fall air all day with my family and then happily watched my Spartans defeat the Wolverines.

After a whirlwind weekend, I am back to work...which is a lot of work lately.  I recently took on an extra responsibility at school which is proving to be exhausting and time-consuming.  I gave-up my planning period to teach a class that I've never taught before.  That means I need to spend even more time than usual lesson planning but I have even less time to do so.  I've been working until 8:00 most evenings and am feeling so darn tired.  Basically, when I wake-up in the morning and see this, I just want to crawl back into bed with Izzo:

I'm hoping to feel a bit more on top of life by this weekend.  I will definitely be showing you the next round of Alex and my "take one, pass it on" challenge on Friday and I hope to catch-up on my blog reading this weekend!  In the meantime, may we all have a stress-free end to our work-week with a relaxing weekend on the horizon!
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