Oct 21, 2014

Rocks Box Review #4

Are you ready to see something pretty and sparkly?!?  First of all, who would answer "no" to that question?  And second of all, I hope so because I'm back with a Rocks Box update!

Briefly, Rocks Box is a subscription service for fun, designer jewelry.  If you want to know more about the details, check-out my first Rocks Box review here.

I'm admittedly a little bit behind in showing you the fun pieces of jewelry that I've been wearing around but I promise to show you everything eventually.

Here are a few items I was wearing at the end of the summer:

If there is anything I've learned from receiving my Rocks Boxes, it's that I love Gorjana jewelry.  It's always so delicate and classy.  This pendant necklace was the perfect little sparkler to dress-up any outfit.  Unfortunately it has always been out of my price range to keep but I really enjoy wearing these pieces around in the meantime.  P.S.  Sorry about the cat fur.  You might as well look at it as a part of my daily uniform.

Who doesn't love a gorgeous statement ring!?  This one was so bold and vibrant.  It really glammed-up any outfit!  Alas, I didn't keep this stunner either due to the price.  Are you getting tired of me saying that?  I hope not because it doesn't really bother me.  Sometimes I wish I could keep the jewelry but with the service, I can wear it for as long as I want before returning it.

These earrings were my least favorite of the three pieces in this Rocks Box.  They are fun and sparkly but a little bit "rocker chic" for my style.  If you haven't noticed, I'm not very rocker-y.

Anyways, are you rocker chic or do you prefer the necklace or the ring?  If you are interested in getting one month of Rocks Box for free, use my link!  I will also get some credit so it's a win win situation!

The pieces:
Urban Gem Giza Studs in Silver

I Do DeClaire- Confident Twosdays
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