Feb 26, 2015

February Budget

Wow!  It has been a few months since my last budget post!  I mentioned in October that I had already blown my final quarterly budget for the year.  That paired with all of the Christmas shopping I needed to do meant that I wasn't spending money on myself towards the end of 2014.  As the new year rolled around, I found myself feeling content with what I have and content with life in general so I didn't buy a single piece of clothing during the month of January!

Now that February is coming to a close, however, I have added some fun new additions to my wardrobe!

1.  Anthropologie Pinnacle Textured DressOriginal Price- $158 Price Spent- $52.95
2.  Capelli New York Printed Triangle Cork PouchOriginal Price- $24.50 Price Spent- $24.50
3.  River Island Pansy Print Swing DressOriginal Price- $64.20 Price Spent- $33.02
4.  ASOS Swing Dress in SpotOriginal Price- $65 Price Spent- $33.02 
5.  Wanderlust + Co Loop Crystal Gold RingOriginal Price- $34 Price Spent- $27
6.  Glamorous Jersey Drop Hem DressOriginal Price- $40.34 Price Spent- $23.85    
7.  Shiraleah Clutch: Original Price- $73 Price Spent- $36.50 

Total Spent February- $229.92Total Spent this Quarter- $229.92 (Total Saved $258.33)Total Remaining- $20.08

ASOS hosted a fabulous sale this month so I was able to get the pansy print dress, the swing dress and the drop-hem dress for a really great deal!  I feel like these three dresses along with the little Anthro number (purchased especially for my Valentine's Day date) have given me some fun and fresh pieces with which to work.  I'm already having fun styling them in multiple ways!  Add the sparkly ring and some new clutches, and I'm feeling pretty excited about my wardrobe these days!

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