Nov 20, 2015

Blogging Besties: of super casual Friday

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This week is brought to you by: "green, lace dress, cargo jacket, fall statement necklace, combat boots, earth tones, and fall classics". For your viewing pleasure, I give you: green, cargo jacket, combat boots, and fall classics (as in, the luvverly infinity scarf). The extra bits: I think it was a good thing for me to go on a style hiatus. Because I'm finding myself getting quite lax and relaxed with my wardrobe choices recently. (Actually, is it a chicken or egg scenario? That is, have I gotten more lax because I went on hiatus or is it because I went on hiatus that I became more lax?) Ah, conundrums! Suffice to say, I was quite pleased and relieved when I saw Alex's challenge from last week. Cargo jacket? Combat boots? I heart you, girl! Coz that's the perfect combo for a super Casual Friday ensemble. Like Alex, I had a hard time finding the perfect cargo jacket and this isn't it. It's too stiff and green for my tastes. But it's the warmest of the bunch (Oh, yeah. You know I bought and kept three of them in my search for the perfect one) so it won the toss-up. I'm still searching for my holy grail of cargo jackets, but until I can afford the J.Crew downtown field jacket, my quest continues. The combat boots are pretty perfect, purchased after my cheapie Charlotte Russe ones bit the bullet this summer. Of course, it took me multiple tries and several returns to find them - you hear that, cognac booties?! - but eBay did me right eventually. And the striped shirt? That's a Pinspiration, my friends. Otherwise, I would've thrown on a chambray button-down and called it a day. See what I mean by lax and relaxed? I still do feel more ready for a leaf-strewn walk in the woods rather than a suburban classroom, but such is my life nowadays. Anyhow, here's Selah's challenge for next week: forest green, stripes, black leggings, infinity scarf (Do it, Selah! I double dog dare you! LOL!), or outdoorsy wear. Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am :: Top – Anne Taylor LOFT Jacket – F21 Pants – Karmaloop Scarf – H&M Boots – G by Guess
:: Linking :: Fun Fashion Friday @ Fashion Should Be Fun
:: Scream it from the top of your lungs :: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
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