Jun 7, 2017

Currently: June

planning: lots and lots of trips for the summer!  From camping in the Mitten State to Belgium and a road trip along the East Coast (including my beloved Alexandria, VA), I'm looking forward to lots of summertime adventures!

wishing: it were the last day of school.  Only eight more to go...not that anyone is counting...

learning: about literacy instruction.  To make the end of the school year a bit more of a struggle than usual, I'm taking a graduate-level class about literacy in order to renew my certification.  It's an intensive, six-week course and it's almost over!  Thank goodness because I'm really planning to enjoy my summer. (photo credit)

browsing: all the LipSense.  Thank you, Sarah, for my most recent make-up obsession!  You can find a great review of the product as well as the photo I used above here.

going: to oh so many places in Michigan.  After a lovely weekend spent in the Traverse City area for my birthday, I'm excited to plan a few more Michigan getaways this summer including a trip to my hometown with a certain special someone.

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