Nov 1, 2017

Common Threads Challenge: Week 4

Well, friends!  We've made it to the end of the Common Threads Challenge!  I've loved this challenge but I'm also happy that it's coming to a close.  I figured-out lots more ways to remix the five pieces that I chose but I'm so ready for the freedom that comes with wearing whatever I want!

Overall I'm proud of how I did.  On top of my increased creativity in remixing, I managed to use each of my pieces just about equally:
Ankle Boots: 5 wears
Mustard Cardigan: 5 wears
Olive Skirt: 4 wears
Skinny Jeans: 5 wears
Tunic: 5 wears

I do have to admit to a few days of not complying with the challenge and these were days that I didn't change out of either pajamas, yoga pants or grubby work clothes.  I also cheated and wore my Halloween costume yesterday (picture included at the bottom of this post for good measure).

So, without further ado, here were my final outfits of the Common Threads Challenge!

October 23rd featuring my Mustard Cardigan: I had originally planned to wear this on Friday but I woke-up on Monday morning and couldn't bare the thought of what I had planned.  Luckily I work in a school where it's okay to occasionally wear jeans during the work week.

October 24th featuring my Olive Skirt: Up until this point I had been wearing basics plus cognac accessories with this skirt.  I changed things up a bit this time with grey and black accents.

October 25th featuring my Skinny Jeans: There's nothing quite like a sweatshirt and sneakers for a morning full of professional development (and the leisurely sipping of coffee instead of running around with students).

October 26th featuring my Skinny Jeans: You may remember this outfit from last weeks edition of Blogging Besties.  I knew I had to wear hot pink so my fun, new coat from Belgium was paired with they skinnies.

October 27th featuring my Ankle Boots: We had a pink-out at school to promote breast cancer awareness and research.  Luckily these boots are neutrals and worked perfectly with the top and scarf.

October 29th featuring my Tunic: I finally got to break-out the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan that I ordered from the Nordstrom sale this summer!  I felt so cozy for a day of unpacking boxes but still put together.

October 30th featuring my Olive Skirt: Please forgive the terrible photo backgrounds throughout this challenge as I've been moving and unpacking all month.  Although it was a slight relief to take mirror selfies as opposed to actual blogging pictures for the month!  And I think I saved my favorite olive skirt outfit for last.  I loved it with this grey, bell-sleeved top!

October 31st as a Social Butterfly: It wouldn't be October without a Halloween costume, right!?

And there you have it!  The conclusion to the Common Threads Challenge!  Make sure to link-up your looks below!
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