Oct 31, 2018

Belgian Cardigan

I know you've heard of Belgian chocolate, but did you know that Belgian cardigans are a thing, too!?  Okay, okay, maybe it's not a thing, but I did buy this cardigan in Belgium!

Speaking of cardigans, do you get as excited about cardigan season (a.k.a. fall) as I do?  I just feel more pulled-together and stylish when I can add a layer to my outfit.  And since this cardigan was a souvenir and is a bit more stylized with the swingy fit and shorter sleeves, I'm extra happy to pull it out of the closet on chilly days.

In other news, I finally made plans to get back into blogging about style.  I put together this outfit and wore it on a day when Justin would be able to take a few outfit pictures...and then my camera dies!  I guess that's what happens when you're an absentee blogger and neglect your camera for a few months.  So this is my only picture!

But you're in luck!  If you are looking for other long cardigan inspiration, make sure to head over to The Blended Blog or visit Lana at My New Happy to link-up and peruse lots of cardigan-themed ensembles.

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