Nov 6, 2018

Currently: November 2018

appreciating: quite time at home.  Justin and I had a whirlwind fall.  Between out-of-town weddings and our season tickets to Michigan State football games, we haven't had a weekend since the beginning of September where we haven't had to leave town for something or another.  While we've had a lot of fun, I'm really looking forward to a slower November.  We kicked-off a more relaxing month this weekend with a long run on a local trail, dinner and game night with friends, crockpot cooking and a Sunday spent entirely in pajamas without leaving the house.

cooking: so many fall dishes!  I love cooking this time of year!  From the fall produce to the warm, hearty meals that sound so good as the weather turns cooler, I've been having so much fun meal planning and cooking lately.  I made this Hearty Fall Casserole (photo courtesy of The Weary Chef) on Friday and it was so good and filling!

researching: wedding vendors.  Justin and I went to a Grand Rapids event called the Beer Hop Bridal Show a couple of weekends ago.  It was so fun to meet wedding vendors while drinking our way around a few GR breweries and distilleries.  They even hired a limousine service to take us from venue to venue.

getting: so many pairs of Christmas pajamas!  As a part of our engagement photo shoot, Justin and I are planning to take some pictures at our home (with our cats).  For these pictures we're going to wear Christmas pajamas.  I've ordered no fewer than eight pajama combinations to mix and match.  Don't worry, I'm going to settle on one set and return the rest!

posting: fall outfits.  This isn't only my favorite season for cooking, it's my favorite season for getting dressed, as well!  My new found inspiration is helping me get back into the swing of style blogging.  I've got another fall fashion outfit coming to you tomorrow!

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