Dec 4, 2018

Currently: December 2018

decorating: our home together for the second year.  Justin and I purchased a lot of Christmas "basics" last year to begin our family collection of Christmas decorations.  This year we're having fun adding little extras like our new stockings.

gifting: shhh, it's a secret!  But I did receive a sweet surprise from Justin last week.  He sent me a beautiful holiday bouquet of flowers, just because.

baking: not a whole lot, but I can mix a holiday cocktail!  We attended my office holiday party this weekend at a local tapas restaurant.  Before dinner, we had a private cocktail-making class where we learned how to make the classic Negroni as well as an espresso martini!

singing: along to our family playlist.  A few weeks ago, my sister had the genius idea to gather each family member's five favorite holiday songs in order to make a playlist.  It's fun to have my favorites on rotation as well as songs that make me think of my favorite people.

mailing: Christmas cards soon!  We are taking our engagement photos this weekend and hope to use one for annual card.  We're going to have to work fast to get them out!  Simply to Impress is the company we used last year and we're planning to order from them again this year.

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