Jul 22, 2013

A Birthday Party and a Big Necklace

This weekend I attended a first birthday party for my friend’s daughter.  For some reason, deciding what to wear to this event had me stumped!  On one hand, this is obviously a big event (I mean, you only get one first birthday party, right?).  However, kids’ birthday parties aren’t typically very formal occasions.  Each outfit I contemplated seemed either too casual or too formal.

I managed to make a decision by focusing my attention on one piece that I truly wanted to wear, and then I built my outfit around that item.  During previous snuggles with the birthday baby, I have noticed that she loves touching and holding on to my statement necklaces.  Therefore I decided that my outfit must include a big necklace in honor of the glamour girl in the making.  This also seemed like the perfect moment to sport a necklace that I bought last week!

I paired the necklace with one of my go-to skirts (super comfy).  I liked the way the skirt accentuated the pretty blues in the necklace.  I used to strictly wear this skirt with solid-colored tops but as I continue to experiment with remixing my wardrobe, I find that this skirt is really versatile! In this case, I decided that a striped t-shirt kept the outfit casual while adding a bit more character than a plain tee.

What do you think?  What are your go-to ensembles for events that are somewhere between formal and casual?

What I'm wearing:

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