Jul 28, 2013

Monday Fashion Challenges

Over at one of my favorite blogs, Greater Than Rubies, Caitlin hosts a fun weekly fashion challenge called Remix Rewear Refashion.  Each week Caitlin gives us a theme, whether it be stripes, statement necklaces or shorts, et cetera.  All readers (bloggers and nonbloggers alike) are invited to send-in pictures of themselves wearing an outfit that features the theme of the week.  Each Monday, Caitlin posts reader pictures of the weekly fashion feature.

The Remix Rewear Refashion challenge motivates me to try to incorporate new pieces or ideas into my look that I might not try otherwise.  This really helps me to freshen-up my style!  You never know, you may find that you can totally rock a striped shirt when you thought that stripes weren’t really “you.”  The challenge also serves as a reminder not to get stuck in a rut.  Maybe there is a great statement necklace hiding in your jewelry box that you’ve forgotten about! 

Speaking of statement necklaces, run and grab your favorite because they are the fashion feature of the week!  Here is a sneak preview of the outfit I submitted to Caitlin for tomorrow’s challenge!

So don’t forget to visit Greater Than Rubies!  I hope that the reader photos will inspire you to spice-up your style and to perhaps participate in the challenges yourself!  

What I'm Wearing:

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