Jan 22, 2014

Sister Snow Day Style

Well, I didn't get dressed today...but my sister did!  Let me explain.  I am currently enjoying the second of two glorious snow days during which I haven't changed out of my pajamas.  While leisurely enjoying my cup of coffee yesterday morning, my sister texted me for outfit help.  Now, there's nothing I like better than a good fashion challenge on a snowy morning!

My sister wanted to build an outfit around a J.Crew Factory skirt that I purchased for her for Christmas after she read this post.  My sister lives in Tennessee and I live in Virginia so I couldn't just pop over to check-out her closet and help her choose her pieces.  So here's where I relied on what I know of "outfit formulas" or pieces that always seem to fit together.

My sister's skirt is grey which makes for a lovely, neutral base for the outfit.  Next I asked her if she had any patterned shirts, from which we chose the polka dot blouse.  After that it was time to add a completer piece...the mustard cardigan is perfect!  And finally I asked her if she owned grey or black tights and boots.  I decided to go with black tights and boots to create a longer leg line.

I think that the outfit turned-out perfectly (it doesn't hurt that she's pretty darn cute, herself)!

What is your go-to outfit formula when you are in a bind?

What She's Wearing:
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  1. Her outfit looks great! I bet she was happy for your help. Enjoy your snow days! We had one yesterday and then a delay start this morning. The weather has been crazy this month!

    1. Tell me about it! I think we've already gone over our allotted snow days. What part of the country are you in?