Sep 8, 2014

Bad Hair Days and Picture Problems

Do you ever feel bummed when you waste a great outfit on a bad hair day, or is it just me?  I know it's silly but when I wear my favorite pieces from my wardrobe, I want my whole look to be perfect!  Unfortunately, my curly hair has a mind of its own on most days.  I'm trying to convince myself that an adorable dress (like this little ASOS number) should make me feel more confident on unruly curl days instead of feeling like a waste.  Try as I might, though, it can be so hard to overcome mindsets like this. The struggle is real, my friends.

Speaking of struggling, I have been having a hard time getting the quality pictures that I want for this blog lately.  I mentioned in June that I had parted ways with someone who had been a big and important part of my life for a really really long time.  While I absolutely feel that I made a healthy decision for myself, there have also been challenging moments as a result of this major life change.  One of the (albeit more minor) difficulties I have encountered is the loss of my regular blog photographer and the fancy camera.

(An attempt at creative posing.  Maricel, you do this so much better!)

For awhile, I was having girlfriends snap photos of me as we headed out for brunch or happy hour.  While these lovely ladies have never complained, I feel bad asking them to do this so frequently.  Not to mention, I have a self-imposed feeling of having to rush during these situations.  So, I have decided to work on taking these pictures myself...but this is hard.  And as a perfectionist, I feel frustrated with the quality of the photos I'm taking.

(Changing from flats to wedges takes this dress from day to evening.)

For those of you who take your own blog photos (or who have done so in the past), what are your best tricks?  What equipment do you use?  Any suggestions for someone on a pretty tight budget?

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: ASOS (exact)
Flats: Hand-me-downs (similar, similar)
Wedges: France (similar, similar)

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