Nov 5, 2014

31 Days, 31 Ways Remix: Week 4 Outfits

Ahh, life finally slowed down just enough for me to photograph the last of my 15x31 fall remix outfits. If you haven't been following along so far, I have been completing the challenge posed by Caitlin of Greater Than Rubies to create 31 brand new ensembles from a chosen number of pieces.  To spice-up the remix challenge she even included daily style prompts!

For this final week of the challenge, I didn't follow the prompts because I had some special things happening that required certain types of outfits.  I still dressed in my remix pieces, though!

October 22nd:

I flew home to Michigan on this day so my ensemble had to be comfy and easy for air travel.  Moccasins were easy to slip off and on at security and the cardigan and scarf were cozy layers for the trip!

October 23rd:

On Thursday, I attended a conference for language teacher's so I wanted a classic, polished and professional look.

October 24th:

I wore this outfit for day #2 of the conference and to give a presentation!  A blazer always makes me feel extra professional so my green one was a must.

October 25th:

You may notice that this sweatshirt isn't one of my 15 pieces.  I attended a Michigan State football game on Saturday and my t-shirt wouldn't have been warm enough.  So I guess you can say I'm now working with 16 pieces...

October 26th:

After five days of fun with colleagues, friends and family, I needed a no-brainer outfit to wear on my trip back to Virginia.

October 27th:

Monday meant back to work and teaching outfits.  Confession: I added this denim vest at the last minute...which leaves my ultimate count of pieces at 17.  I still think this is rather low so I don't feel bad at all!

October 28th:

I've never thought to layer a chambray under a tank...but I love how this turned-out!

October 29th:

Almost there!  In the home stretch!

October 30th:

Only two more to go...

October 31st:

And done!  I've successfully completed my first month-long remix!

I'm proud of myself for sticking with this challenge!  Stay tuned for a remix recap!

31 Days, 31 Ways Remix

Greater Than Rubies- 31 Days, 31 Ways
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