Jun 7, 2015

More Happy Than Not

Have you heard of the recently released novel, More Happy Than Not?  Based on this review, it sounds like a thought-provoking, emotional, and (at times) funny read.  I learned about the book from Selah who has tagged me to list ten things that make me more happy than not.

Since there are so many things in life that make me smile, I've decided to make this the:

More Happy Than Not: Alexandria, Virginia Edition

1.  The charm of my sweet apartment, just south of Old Town.
2.  Being greeted by my favorite servers and splitting a bottle of wine at Grape and Bean.
3.  Flowering trees in the springtime against the backdrop of the old brick buildings.
4.  Happy hour nachos at Virtue Feed and Grain.
5.  Driving home down a stretch of the George Washington Parkway with a view of the river.
6.  Veggie Spring Rolls, Drunken Noodles and a Thai Iced Tea delivered to my door from Mai Thai.
7.  The smell of wood-burning fires as I walk the bricked streets of Old Town in the fall.
8.  Fun accessory shopping at She's Unique and Lou Lou.
9.  Being able to walk to the grocery store, post office, pharmacy, Starbucks and Indian restaurant.
10.  Countless happy hours and brunches with my sweet friends!  

Alright, what makes you more happy than not?
Danielle of A Little Bit of Wowe
Brynn of Brynnash
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