Aug 1, 2016

Christmas in July, err August

Are you sick of me talking about how much I love the ladies from The Blended Blog yet?  I hope not because there's more blog-lovin' coming your way today!

A couple of months ago, several Blended Bloggers jumped on board for a Christmas is July exchange.  The premise was simple, we used Elfster to "draw" names, purchased a personalized gift for around $20, and then mailed our presents across the country or across the border to Canada!

I had so much fun looking for the perfect gift for Shaunacey!  I opted to find all Michigan-produced and artisan-crafted goods for this beautiful, hilarious, strong and intelligent friend of mine.  Hop over to her blog next to see what I sent her!

And then I received my gift from Andrea.  And let me tell you, I am blown away but her thoughtfulness and attention to detail!  From our various blog comment, e-mail and Slack exchanges, I already knew Andrea to be quick with a genuine compliment, full of positive energy and a person who brightens your day with every exchange.  But this gift!  Andrea went above and beyond in her thoughtfulness!

As I pulled out each trinket, each was more wonderful than the last!  The first item I picked out was this packet of totally fun straws for summer.  I'm so excited to add them to my daily La Croix or for a special treat in my iced coffee.  What's better than a gift that makes everyday activities a little more special?

Next I reached for the Paris notepad.  Does she know the France-lover in me or what?!  This will be perfect to add to my desk at school for making checklists or writing a quick reminder to a student.

Then I took a look at this necklace.  You guys, Andrea remembered my Currently post from the beginning of June where I mentioned wanting a locket that holds little drops of essential oils.  She purchased the locket for me and it is beautiful!  Again, I'm blown away but Andrea's thoughtfulness!

But it gets even better!  Lastly I reached for this adorable, personalized notepad.  How fun and adorable is it?!  I'm going to have to pick Andrea's brain to see how she did this because I think this is a perfect gift.  And I think I'm going to selfishly keep this notepad at home.  It's too cute to give to students.  Ha!

So Andrea, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!  I'm so blessed to have you as a friend and I'm excited to see what our friendship has in store for us.

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