Sep 9, 2016

Blogging Besties :: A Fall Transitional Look

Blogging Besties is a weekly series featuring Whitney of Whitney à la mode, Alex of Undergraduate Style, Maricel of ::My Closet Catalogue:: and Selah of A Bibliophile’s Style. Each week, one of the bloggers will choose one component from the previous week’s outfit to pass on in a brand new look. This “take one, pass it on” challenge is an inspiration to stretch your closet and your imagination!
  Last week, Alex trusted her sister (and rightly so!) to style her into a comfy/chic ensemble:


This week is brought to you by: “lace-up shoes, lace, chinos, or a fall transition look". And for your viewing pleasure, I give you: a fall transition look.


Now, let's be honest: Southern California isn't exactly known for its seasonal changes. Plus, we spend a majority of our time in air-conditioned, climate-controlled environments so really, any day can be a "fall" day. So perhaps I'm cheating just a bit with today's outfit because I don't really consider it much of a "transition". I do, however, feel it's very "fall"-ish. Note, if you will, the to paired with a cardigan. Not only is the top's structure reminiscent of cooler days (long-sleeved), its fabric (a silky charmeuse) is as well. The cardigan is an obvious fall transition layering piece, made more so by its autumnal, mustard color. The midi skirt is my nod to the "transition" portion of the prompt. I suppose, in colder climes, wearing a skirt is probably not apropos when the weather turns, so pairing a warm-weather piece with cool-weather pieces makes me prompt compliant.


Speaking of the skirt, what do you think of my first attempt at sewing?


Yep, that's my newest obsession. Sewing. I taught myself this summer because I was tired of coveting vintage clothes that are so vintage they don't fit my 21st century-sized bod and/or coveting repro vintage clothes that cost an arm and a leg. So I sat down in front of the machine we bought for my husband to hem his own pants, made my MIL teach me how to thread the darned thing (both the top needle and the bottom bobbin), and watched scads of YouTube tutes. To date, I've crafted one unfortunate top, two midi skirts, one successful top, a half pair of leggings and a plaid skirt (for my daughter), and a summer dress. I know, right. I'm nothing if not prolific. I'd actually toyed with switching over from a style blog to a sewing blog - even renaming it to "Mad Clothier's Chronicles" just so I can keep the acronym - but then I came to my senses and realized I wasn't quite ready to broadcast to the world my defeats. Plus, blogging about sewing would open up a whole can of responsibilities and expectations and stress, so I think I'd rather keep my hobbies separate for now. I would like to share my successes from time to time, though, so expect more outfits with personally hand-crafted pieces in the future. For Selah’s turn next week, I challenge her to the following: a midi skirt, a silky top, or something layered. Vive le vendredi!  

:: Just the facts, ma’am :: Top – eBay Skirt – made by me! Heels - Cobb Hill
:: Scream it from the top of your lungs :: Still Into You by Paramore
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