Mar 26, 2019

Wedding Planning: Color Inspiration

For as long as I can remember, I've pictured my dream winter wedding in shades of blush pink and champagne.  But then something kinda funny happened.  When I started planning a real wedding with Justin, the colors of my single girl dream wedding didn't quite fit.  Those colors are very me but not very us.  Don't get me wrong, Justin would have happily gone with the color scheme of my choice, but I wanted to pick a pallet together -- something that reflected us as a couple.

For our sparkling winter wedding, we've chosen a color pallet of cranberry, navy, blush pink and gold.  We think that these colors will create the elegant, warm and cozy winter vibe with a touch of shimmer that we're hoping for.  Plus, blue is Justin's favorite color and pink is mine, so both are being incorporated into the evening.

I'm excited to continue to share little details of our wedding planning process with you.  Coming in the next couple of months are flower inspiration and a bridal shower dress try-on.  Are there any other topics you are interested in reading about?
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