Apr 1, 2019

Spring Bucket List 2019

Hey there, friends!  I don't know about you, but I'm so glad that spring is in the air.  Winter is my favorite season, but this one really wreaked havoc on so many of us.  But the rising temperatures, the sound of the birds in the morning and the sunshine are giving me a new pep in my step!

This re-found energy has me ready to tackle another seasonal bucket list!  But before we get to my spring list, let's take a look at what I accomplished this fall (because I never got around to writing or completing a winter list this year).

1.  Go wedding dress shopping.  I did!  And I bought a wedding dress!  For my first wedding gown try-on, my mom and I went to BHLDN in Chicago.  It was the perfect first experience.  My consultant made me feel like a princess, the private try-on suite was beautiful, the rosé was delicious and I loved trying-on so many beautiful dresses.  Ultimately, though, I didn't find the one.  In January I went shopping with my mom and my best friend, Nicole.  We had a marathon dress day spanning three different stores in two different cities.  But I found it!  The dress of my dreams!  I can't wait to show it to you...but not until the wedding.

2.  Send-in some clothes to ThredUp.  Nope, I flat-out didn't do this and only out of laziness.  I still have an empty ThredUp bag to fill!

3.  Go for one outdoor run (I usually run at the gym).  Check!  Justin and I trained for our Turkey Trot 8k (photographic evidence above) at our local White Pine Trail.  I've been loving this spot more and more this spring as I can start training outside again.

4.  Watch all of the Halloween movie franchise in preparation for the new movie coming-out.  Yes!  This was actually kind of hard to accomplish.  Taking time out of weekday evenings to squeeze eight-or-so movies into one month had us scrambling.  But we did it and we enjoyed the new movie at the theater!

5.  Purchase some gear to wear to a local high school's football game.  Just call me a Northview Wildcat!  Is it weird that I'm already looking forward to football season again?  I love a good hometown game as well as my Spartans!

6.  Do 30 days of at-home yoga.  Want to know how many days of at-home yoga I did?  One.  Yep, only one.  Major fail!

7.  Attend Art Prize (a big-time art festival in Grand Rapids).  Justin and I had a really fun date night at Art Prize and a new-to-us Grand Rapids restaurant.  It's always exciting to see what these creative artists come-up with every year.  The piece above features clothing pinned to lines, each item has a snippet of conversation the artist has overheard.  Really interesting!

8.  Make something pumpkin flavored.  Another nope.  But I did cook a lot this fall so I'm not too upset about it.

9.  Try a new top ten Grand Rapids restaurant each month (a continuation).  Justin and I completed our top ten Grand Rapids restaurant list in 2018.  You can read about our experience here.

10.  Taste each of Sweetland's (a local coffee joint) special fall drinks.  You know, I don't think I completed this.  But I did try all of the ones I was interested in.  So I think I'm going to count this as a win.

7ish outta 10 ain't bad!  And here's what I plan to do this season:

1.  Pick a wedding rehearsal dinner venue.
2.  Run (and I mean run -- no walking) my first 1/2 marathon.
3.  Continue trying one new Michigan breakfast place each month.
4.  Clear-out our house clutter with a garage sale.
5.  Use only gift cards and store credit for spring clothes shopping.
6.  Frame a few engagement photos to hang.
7.  Take an inaugural 2019 bike ride.
8.  Stock-up on produce at the Rockford Farmer's Market.
9.  Buy fresh flowers for the house.
10.  Have an old-school rental movie night complete with candy and pizza.

What exciting things do you have on the docket for the next few months?  And thanks, Leslie, for hosting this seasonal link-up, even though I'm late to the party.
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