Apr 17, 2019

April Encore

I've mentioned a few times that the budget is pretty tight around here lately.  Not only are Justin and I learning to combine finances, we're planning a wedding and saving for a honeymoon.  My single-girl pocketbook spent lots of money on new clothes, but that just isn't the priority right now.

I started this blog as motivation to remix the clothing that was already hanging in my closet but somewhere down the road, I kind of lost sight of that goal.

But now I'm getting back to my roots!  This is the first post in a monthly series I'm starting called Encore, which means "again" in French.  This month, I looked through my posts of past Aprils and chose a piece of clothing from one of the posts to remix!  I will continue this each month.  I'm excited to look at older items in my closet with a fresh perspective!

This month, I chose to feature a floral blouse, because who isn't in the mood for floral this time of year?  This top is also fun to remix because the print is so vibrant, there are so many ways to pull-out the different colors with different items of clothing and accessories.


I also chose to create an office-appropriate look with pants this year since last year I posted a casual and a skirt outfit with this blouse.  Which of the three looks is your favorite?

What I'm Wearing
Blouse: Old Navy (similar, similar)
Cardigan: Target (similar)
Pants: LOFT (similar)
Flats: Land's End (similar)
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