Mar 1, 2019

J'adore 3.1.19

Welcome to J'adore, my weekly space for sharing what makes me happy lately.

1.  Manifest.  Justin and I rarely binge-watch shows, but oh my gosh, we cannot stop watching Manifest.  Within the first ten minutes of Episode 1, you learn about a group of passengers who step-off Flight 828 to learn that their plane has been missing for five years -- but they feel like they've only been gone a few hours!  The plot is so compelling, the characters are interesting, and you really empathize with the complexity of emotions that each of them feel.  You can watch Manifest on Monday nights on NBC (although Justin and I stream it).

2.  Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ Almonds.  I may or may not be eating this delicious snack as I type!  My co-worker got me addicted to these almonds and now I've passed-on my obsession to Justin and my dad.  They are a little sweet and a little spicy (but definitely not too spicy like the name implies).  So good!

3.  The Ariana Grande Playlist on Pandora.  Normally Meghan Trainor is my go-to playlist for running but I've gotten really into Ariana Grande lately (I know, late to the party).  Her new stuff, like this song, is  so catchy and sassy.  And did anyone else catch the 'NSync song that she sampled in this song (I'm pretty proud of myself for pulling that discovery out from the recesses of my middle school brain).  This tune is perfect running motivation!
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