Feb 28, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Teal Skirt

Happy Throwback Thursday!  Today I'm participating in my friend, Shelly's, new monthly link-up all about blasts from the past!  February's prompt is an easy one -- share an old blog post!  So here we are, a post from August of 2015 in which I feature my favorite, often-worn teal skirt purchased circa 2006.  And you know what, I just wore this skirt on Wednesday!  I still love it and I still think it's super versatile.  It's kinda fun to see how my style (clothes and hair) have evolved over the years.  Which look is your favorite!

When Bri announced that this month's Third Thursday Threads theme is "Skirt Two (or more) Ways," I became curious as to the many ways that I've worn skirts during the past few years.  As I scrolled through the days, months and years' worth of posts, I noticed something.  I noticed that I wear my teal skirt tons!  This skirt starred in my second-ever blog post and has appeared as recently as April.  In fact, it has made nine blog appearances (not to mention the dozens of times I've worn it without photographing my outfit)!  Based-on statistical data, I do believe that this is my favorite skirt!

Original Posts: 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9

While I'll admit to a love of shopping, when I find a piece that works, I wear it!  I've owned this skirt for oh, maybe eight years.  It's funny because this skirt kind of flies under the radar in that I don't realize how frequently I wear it.  When I think of it, though, it makes sense as a closet staple!  One of the reasons that I love this skirt so much is that it is comfortable.  I never pull at it or worry that it's too short.  I also reach for this skirt often because it's versatile.  As you can see above, it goes with patterns, a varied color palette, neutrals, so many accessories and lots of completer pieces.  The options feel endless!  In fact, I just might wear this skirt tomorrow!

Which look is your favorite and why?  Do you have an item of clothing that has stood the test of time?

And just in case you need a teal skirt in your closet, here are a few I've found (I personally think the one on the bottom right is perfect):

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