Feb 12, 2019

Wedding Planning: Will You Be My Matron of Honor?

With our wedding only ten months away, Justin and I have officially entered the decision making part of wedding planning.  No more lazy evenings spent pinning bouquets to our wedding Pinterest board.  Now it's time to book the florist (and the DJ, and the pastry chef...).

While it's a bit surreal to begin making these decisions, we did make one very big decision immediately upon getting engaged: who will be standing by our sides when we say "I do."  We won't be having bridesmaids and groomsmen, rather I will have three matrons of honor and Justin will have three best men.

My three lovely ladies consist of my sister, my best friend whom I met in second grade and my other best friend from college days.  I was maid of honor in all three of their weddings and they are all so equally important to me, that I wanted each of them to have this special title.

Similarly, Justin's three best friends hold such a big place in his heart, he wanted each of them to be his best man.  Justin's sister will also be standing next to him on our big day as the "best sister."

Justin and I had a good time choosing gifts to help us ask our favorite people to be a part of our wedding.  I wanted something fun but also useful that won't just get thrown away when the wedding is over.  I found this beautiful gift box from the Etsy shop, Little Flower Soap Co.  I love that my ladies can be a bit indulgent with the bath salts and candle but then throw the empties away when they're used-up!

Justin chose to order custom beer labels and six-pack holders asking his groomsmen to "suit up" for our big day.  He then hand-chose craft beers (or pops for his sister) that he knew each of them would enjoy.

We are so very blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and we are so excited to share our big day with them!
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