Aug 28, 2013

Can it really be this simple?

Let’s talk about color blocking.  Now this is a fashion phenomenon that has me a bit puzzled.  I mean, all you have to do is wear several different solid colors at one time?  Can it really be this simple?  Or is it too simple and I’m doing it wrong?  I’m having flashbacks to being the first kid in the class to turn in a test.  Did I ace it or did I make a horrible mistake?

In any case, here is my interpretation of the color blocking trend.  This top is one of my purchases from a recent outlet shopping trip.  The top is already an experiment in color blocking so I added colored capris to enhance the effect.  A chunky necklace pulls the look together and nude heels add a bit of class!  And ta da: color blocking…I think? 

What I'm Wearing:


  1. I love the BR top.Their blouses and tops are so comfortable. The color blocking trend has been a go to style for me for a while, and red and green looks awesome on you!!

    1. Why thank you :) I, too, have a BR obsession so when I find great things at their outlet, I am one happy camper!