Aug 30, 2013

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Link Up

Today marks the start of the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Remix over at Greater Than Rubies!  Caitlin has challenged us to choose 20 items of clothing from which to make 30 fall friendly ensembles.  From cozy sweaters to pumpkin spice lattes, fall is a season that I adore and I am super excited to start thinking about fall fashion.

Today I am showing you the 20 items of clothing that I will be featuring in my 30 fall outfits.  Most of these pieces I have been purchasing since the spring (like the gingham shirt and the brown blazer) but have been saving for the cooler weather.  A couple of the items I've thrown in (more precisely, the skirts) have been summer favorites that I'm hoping to incorporate into my fall wardrobe.  I will be using some of my favorite fashion standbys...a denim jacket, stripes and polka dots...but I will also be stepping outside of my comfort zone...can I really pull-off a military-inspired vest?

Let's take a closer look at my remixable choices!

1.  Mustard Striped Sweater: Banana Republic
2.  Blue Gingham Shirt: Banana Republic
3.  Black and White Striped Shirt: Banana Republic
4.  Polka Dot Sweater: Target
5.  Hot Pink Eyelet Shirt: Gap Outlet
6.  Multi-Color Sleeveless Top: Gap Outlet
7.  Chambray Shirt: Old Navy
8.  Michigan State University Sweatshirt (hey, fall is football season!)

9.  Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
10.  Green A-Line Skirt: Banana Republic
11.  Black Dress Pants: Gap
12.  Navy Print Skirt: Target
13.  Black Leggings: Old Navy

Completer Pieces:
14.  Brown Blazer: Antropologie
15.  Purplish Grey Military Vest: Eddie Bauer
16.  Navy Cardigan: Kohl's
17.  Pink Blazer: J.C. Penney
18.  Grey Sweater: Ann Taylor Outlet
19.  Denim Jacket: Hand-Me-Down

And Last But Not Least:
20.  Multi-Color Dress: Dressbarn

Stay tuned for more posts featuring outfits comprised of these fall favorites as well as links where you can purchase similar items!  And don't forget to check-out Greater Than Rubies for other Fall Capsule Wardrobe looks!


  1. Love your choices! I am still debating participating...I have been thinking about my choices today.

    1. You definitely should! The more wardrobe inspiration we have going on, the better :) Keep me posted!

  2. Hi Whitney! I just linked my pieces and I'm looking forward to seeing your remixed outfits! I'm a teacher too. It was kinda tricky choosing pieces I could wear for school and also on the weekends. I usually keep my work outfits separate from my weekend outfits so this is definitely a challenge! (I also had to include my school t-shirt that I can wear with jeans on Fridays into my remix.)

    1. Hi Iris! It sounds like great minds think alike! We are allowed to wear college shirts on Fridays (to support college readiness), hence the MSU sweatshirt. I often find that I end up thinking of a perfectly cute shirt as a "work shirt" and I no longer want to wear it during the weekend...and then I end up with two separate wardrobes, too! Hopefully with this remix my clothing will seem more versatile to me!

    2. I am totally the same way - I don't like wearing "work clothes" when I'm not at work. But you're right - it may be perfectly cute! It's also great seeing you on GCOGH! I went ahead and added 10 pairs of shoes to my Fall Remix board to make it a 30x30, too. I figured if I'm going to learn how to remix with a limited amount of clothes I might as well challenge myself by adding my favorite remixable shoes. I'm actually kinda nervous about starting this challenge - I've never done this before! I know you gals will help inspire me with your outfits. Just seeing everyone's pieces is an encouragement!

    3. I'm so impressed that you are going to include shoes! This is actually my first challenge also (well, I secretly did a 7x7 remix a couple of months ago but I didn't tell or show anyone what I did). However, 20x30 is a whole new ball game! We are in this together :)