Jun 1, 2015

May Budget

Wow!  As of this post, I have been sharing my clothing purchases and budgets with you for a year!  While I'm still not a perfect budgeter (see below), I have definitely learned to be more intentional about my spending and I don't binge shop like I used to.

I seem to have been drawn towards neutrals this month with the exception of a very bright dress (which made for the perfect birthday ensemble).  I added the black counterpart to this dress to my closet because I loved the polka dot version so well.  I stepped outside my comfort zone by purchasing my very first romper.  It is so comfortable that I'm never turning back!  And finally, these elastic-waisted, printed shorts are perfect for staying cool during the summer months!

1.  Milly Dress: Original Price- $68  Price Spent- $52.20
2.  Old Navy Jersey Fit and Flare Dress: Original Price- $24.95  Price Spent- $24.94
3.  H&M Romper: Original Price- $17.95  Price Spent- $17.95
4.  Old Navy Shorts: Original Price- $24.95  Price Spent- $24

Total Remaining from First Quarter- $20.08
Total Spent May- $119.10
Total Spent this Quarter- $259.05
Total Saved this Quarter- $79.55
Total Remaining- -$9.05

So I went about ten dollars over my quarterly budget.  No big deal, right?  Well, I also splurged and bought a few things for my birthday (that I will feature in a different post).  Birthday coupons were my budget downfall last year as well.  What I'm learning is that perhaps I should set a few extra dollars aside every May to treat myself.  What do you think?

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