Aug 5, 2015

Currently: August

creating: a desk by day, dining table by night look in the dining room of my new apartment.  This will be my first "grown-up" work space and I want it to be beautiful, simple and functional.  I will share photos when I've achieved the look I want!

wishlisting: comfy yet cute chairs for the above-mentioned room.  Why does furniture have to be so expensive (even these Target chairs)?

hoping: to get this body back in shape!  In the few months before I moved from Alexandria, I shamelessly indulged in all of my favorite restaurant cuisines knowing that I wouldn't have access to them for much longer.  I've been sweating my tush off at Flex City in Lansing to make up for it!

eating: Baked Greek Chicken.  Although I despise handling raw chicken, the end result was worth it!

watching: True Detective on HBO.  Only two episodes left!  What is going to happen next?

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