Apr 5, 2017

Currently: France Edition

As you read this, I'm off an a crazy adventure traveling around Europe with a group of students!  I'm leading a group of twenty-one from our school district through Italy, Switzerland and France.  I can't wait to tell you all about my experience when I return (plus a mini-series on a travel capsule wardrobe).  But for now, enjoy Currently: France Edition plus a few of my all-time favorite pictures from previous trips to France!

accomplishing: being a group leader!  This is my first time leading a trip like this and it has been a really big undertaking.  By the time this post is published, I hope that any possible kinks have been ironed out and that our group is having the experience of a lifetime!

feeling: all the France feels.  I've vacationed, studied abroad and lived in France in the past.  Needless to say, a part of my heart is always there and I'm so very excited to be back!

needing: lots of layers!  We will be starting in sunny Venice, traveling through the chilly mountains of Switzerland and ending our stay in springtime Paris.  The weather is going to be all over the place!  I really took into consideration layers when building my capsule.

practicing: my French.  Even though I'm a French teacher, it's pretty rare that I get to use my full French-speaking abilities in real life contexts with other adults.

pinning: absolutely nothing!  While you can follow some of my adventures on Instagram or Snapchat (whitneyalamode), I won't be spending much time online because, you know, I'll be too busy sipping that French coffee and enjoying my surroundings!
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