Oct 11, 2017

Common Threads Challenge: Week 1

We are already one week into the Common Threads Challenge!  You know, the style challenge where you choose five pieces to incorporate into each and every outfit you wear during the month of October?

I'm having so much fun with this series!  It's getting my creative juices flowing without being too much to handle for this tired teacher brain.  Granted, it is only the beginning, there is a chance that I will begin to struggle towards the end of the month.

But I'm trying to plan in advance so that won't happen.  I have a list of outfits I've already created in my head that I can pull from as the month progresses.  As I'm making this list, I'm making sure that each of my five pieces are represented equally.  I've also started a Pinterest board where I'm pinning looks that are easily replicated with my five items and other pieces from my closet.

The only thing I'm struggling with are my days off when I wouldn't necessarily get dressed.  Admittedly, on day one (October 1st), I ran a 5k and then spend the rest of the day moving in a sweaty t-shirt and shorts.  And today?  Today (as in the day I'm writing this) has been the first day I've spent resting at home since July (I'm not exaggerating) so I'm shamelessly still wearing my pajamas.  I do have outfits planned for these days so I plan to feature my unworn outfits at the end of the month and vow to wear them in November so that I can say that I fully participated in this challenge!

How are you doing?  Are you finding this to be easy or a bit tricky?  Are you having fun being creative with your wardrobe or wish you wouldn't have committed to this challenge?  Please share your ups and downs with us on our Facebook support page.  We're also having fun sharing some of our daily outfits over there!

Now that I've gotten the words out of the way, here are my looks from the first week of the challenge:

October 2nd featuring my Olive Skirt: It's still pretty warm in my neck of the woods but I love that I was able to channel some fall with some autumn hues in this outfit.  And it was fun to put this skirt back into rotation since it's been so long since I've worn it.  Why did it get shoved into the back of my closet again??

October 3rd featuring my Ankle Boots: The jury is out on this look.  While I liked the idea of a pretty dress with these ankle boots, I don't think the combination is quite right.  But a really stylish girl I met in the bathroom of a restaurant told me she loved my outfit.  So maybe it works?  In any case, experimenting is a part of this challenge so I'm glad I tried the outfit!

October 4th featuring my Tunic: I'm finding this challenge is helping me to use lots of pieces I haven't worn lately beyond my chosen five.  This vest and pair of ankle boots used to be fall staples so I'm excited to be using them again this fall.

October 5th featuring my Mustard Cardigan: This is my favorite outfit of the challenge so far and it was so simple to put together!  Comfy dress + favorite cardigan + scarf = how can you go wrong?

 October 6th featuring my Skinny Jeans: I'm a teacher so most Fridays you'll find me wearing jeans and a school shirt.  Although this particular Friday, I attended a football game at my high school!  Yep, this sweatshirt is over a decade old!

October 7th featuring my Mustard Cardigan: My whole family convened in my hometown this weekend for a number of events including family photos.  It's a good thing the decided-upon color combination for the shoot was mustard, burgundy and grey!  Mustard cardigan for the win!

October 8th featuring my Mustard Cardigan: And to round out the weekend of festivities, my nephew was baptized on Sunday morning.  This cardigan is the only one of my pieces that works for really dressy occasions so I wore it two days in a row.  Luckily, cardigans are such a basic staple piece that no one seemed to notice!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you'll join us as we continue this really fun challenge!  If you're already playing along, make sure to link-up below!

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