Oct 25, 2017

Common Threads Challenge: Week 3

Is the Common Threads Challenge flying by, or is it just me?  I feel like this series has motivated me to use some of my lesser-worn pieces and to dress more intentionally and creatively.  Those were my original goals when I started Whitney à la mode, so I think I've been pretty successful in this challenge!

Although I do feel myself slowing down so I'm glad the month is almost up!  On the mornings that I'm super tired, I'm finding myself frustrated with having to wear a a pre-planned outfit that I don't want to wear or being tied to certain pieces in my closet.  All good things must come to an end, right?

If you missed the beginning of the CTC, here are my previous posts:

And now let's get to my Week 3 outfits!

October 16th featuring my Mustard Cardigan: This sweater is always one of my favorites but I've been particularly fond of pairing it with neutrals this fall!

October 17th featuring my Olive Skirt: This is a piece that's been in my closet for years but rarely gets worn.  I'm really glad that I've been able to remix it so much during this challenge but I am afraid the people are starting to notice that I wear it once a week.  I'm probably just paranoid...

October 18th featuring my Skinny Jeans: Okay, so I kind of cheated.  The particular skinny jeans I chose for this challenge weren't very comfortable.  And these jeans are.  So I switched.  That's allowed, right?!

October 19th featuring my Tunic: I totally stole this outfit idea from Ada.  Thanks, friend, for helping me out when I'm starting to run out of fresh ideas!

October 20th featuring my Ankle Boots: Gotta love dressing down on a Friday!  Although it was picture day.  Who wants to do picture day on a Friday!?

October 21st featuring my Skinny Jeans: Happy Game Day!  The Spartans won, if you were wondering.

And on Sunday, I wore my pajamas all day!  Sorry not sorry.

Don't forget to link-up your looks for the CTC below!

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