Oct 4, 2017

Common Threads Challenge: The Pieces

It's an exciting day around here, friends!  Today is the first link-up of the Common Threads Challenge!  Missed the introduction?  I am hosting this style challenge with five other fabulous bloggers and we want to inspire you to choose five pieces from your closet to remix every single day during the month of October!  You only have to wear one piece per day and you have the rest of your wardrobe to help you in creating unique outfits around your five "common threads."  If you need a little bit more in the way of an explanation, check out this post!

Today we are linking-up with the five pieces that we've chosen to wear throughout the month of October.  I tried to use a good mix of old and new pieces as well as basics mixed with bolder items.  Here are my chosen common threads:

Olive Skirt (similar): After texting back and forth with my friend, Sarah (who is also participating in this challenge), I decided that a skirt would be an easily remixable piece that was different from the other items I had chosen.  I picked this olive skirt because I've been digging the color for fall and the skirt hasn't seen much love lately.  It's going to see lots of love this month!

Mustard Cardigan: Obviously basics are necessary during this series because they are the easiest pieces to remix.  But I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge by throwing in some interesting items.  This cardigan is a bit of both, a staple piece in my wardrobe in a bold color.  I'm looking forward to spicing up my outfits with this completer piece.

Skinny Jeans: Alright, I really needed the absolute most basic of pieces to help me through this challenge.  I also know that I will be attending several Michigan State football games throughout the month of October so I needed bottoms to go with all of my Spartan tops!

Oatmeal Tunic (similar): I really tried to think ahead to my plans for October when choosing these pieces.  I know that there will be weekend days where I'm just bumming around and I wanted a top that would be super comfy with leggings but also easily dressed-up for work.  This tunic fit the bill!

Ankle Boots: I excitedly purchased these boots during the Nordstrom sale this summer and have been saving them for fall!  Since they are new, I want to get a lot of wear out of them but I'm also finding the color (oliveish grey) to be a bit challenging to work with.  I thought that the Common Threads Challenge would be the perfect reason to find lots of ways to style my new boots!

You guys, I haven't been this excited about a style challenge in awhile and I really hope that you will join us!  It's not too late to start!  If you want to play along, please link-up your chosen pieces below and start documenting your outfits.  You can find moral support on Facebook and inspiration from some stylish women on Instagram with the hashtag #commonthreadschallenge.

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