Jul 28, 2014

July Budget

I know I'm not the first to say it, but can you believe that July is almost over!?!  On the one hand, I'm already looking forward to fall weather and clothing (layering is more fun that not layering, am I right?).  But on the other hand, I'm NOT ready for school to start again and I want my time in Michigan (by the way, I'm in the mitten state) to feel as long as possible!  I love it here!

I'm really proud of what I've done with my budget and shopping this month!  I made a couple of shopping goals for myself at the beginning of this quarter and have already started to work towards them.  Also, the fun little items that I've purchased have all been great deals.  So without further ado, here is what I purchased this month:

1.  Old Navy Denim Vest: Original Price- $32.94, Amount Spent- $0 (with Gap Rewards Dollars)
One of the items on my shopping list this quarter was the perfect denim vest, and it was the first item that I purchased!  I'm so glad that I found it because I have been wearing it constantly!  It is just the perfect way to change-up an outfit when it's too hot for other layering pieces.

2.  Target Cognac Flats: Original Price- $34.99, Amount Spent- $26.41
You know how it can be so hard to spend money on the basics?  Like, who wants to spend money on brown flats when you could buy a pretty dress?  That is how I've been feeling for quite some time now but I'm glad that I've finally purchased a pair of basic cognac flats.  I think I will be getting a lot of use out of them!

3.  Target Cognac Sandals:  Original Price- $19.99, Amount Spent- $7.52
When I purchased the above-mentioned flats, Target had a BOGO half-off promotion...so how could I resist updating my sandal collection with this sparkly little pair?!

4.  American Eagle Jeans (not pictured): Original Price- $44.95, Amount Spent- $29.64
You guys, I finally found jeans that I love!  I remembered that I had a few pair of AE jeans that I liked in college and a few of you recommended them when I expressed my pants struggle a few posts ago.  So this weekend I found myself at my local AE where I had the most pleasant shopping experience.  The jeans were so well organized and the staff was super friendly and helpful.  After trying-on multiple sizes of all the different cuts, I fell in love with the High-Rise Jeggings!  They are so comfortable, flattering, and I don't feel like my bum is going to hang-out when I bend over.  SCORE!  And for this price tag, I'm already planning to purchase these pants in other washes!

5.  Madewell Top: Original Price- $49.50, Amount Spent- $18.91
This is the first purchase from Madewell.  After seeing lots of hype about this brand on blogs, my friend and I decided that we had to see for ourselves what it's all about.  We traveled an hour and a half just to stop at this store...and we weren't disappointed!  The quality of the clothing is impeccable and the girls working there were wonderful!  Unfortunately, most items are too expensive for my budget...but with 40% off of the sale price, I couldn't resist this top!  You know how I feel about French-themed clothing!

6.  Eddie Bauer Striped Top: Original Price- $29.99, Amount Spent- $23.84
Best friend shopping trip + adorable striped hoodie = matching tops for two!  How could I resist?  Although my top is purple and white striped and hers is navy and white.

7.  TJ Maxx Striped Work-Out Tank (not pictured): Amount Spent- $11
Speaking of matching tops, when Danielle and I got together a few weeks ago we had to do some shopping.  After visiting so many wonderful stores, the only things we purchased were matching, striped work-out tank tops.  At least we are sweating in style!

8.  LouLou Clutch (not pictured): Amount Spent- $12
Along with purchasing a denim vest and pants, one of my goals for this quarter is to revamp my handbag collection.  I'm already on my way with the purchase of a cute little chevron clutch!  I'm sure you will see it on the blog soon!

9.  Rocks Box Subscription- Amount Spent- $19
I'm on the fence about keeping my Rocks Box subscription.  While I love the service, paying $20 a month ends-up taking $60 out of my $250 quarterly budget...which just seems like a lot.  What would you do?  Keep it or ditch it?

Total Spent- $148.32 (Total Saved- 94.04)
Remaing Budget Through September- $101.68

All in all, I think I spent my money well this month!  I was intentional in what I purchased and I'm excited to wear my new pieces!

In conclusion, I have another budgeting question to ask you.  Would you deduct work-out clothes, underwear and pajamas from your budget?  Or do these purchases not count towards a wardrobe budget?  I haven't decided my stance on this question yet so I'm curious as to what you think!

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