Jul 2, 2014

On Independence Day, the World Cup, and Stitch Fix

You know, some days I show up here and don't have a clue about what to write.  But then there are other days when I'm just bursting with things to talk to you about (whether or not you want to hear these thoughts of mine is something else entirely).  And today is one of those "bursting with ideas" kind of days.  It helps that all of these thoughts have been inspired by today's outfit and this just so happens to be a style blog...

First let me address the fact that I am enamored by this top!  Stripes and polka dots and floral, oh my!  Now we can move on to how this shirt inspired the other seemingly random topics listed in today's title...

I've noticed many other bloggers posting wonderfully creative 4th of July ensembles.  Independence Day always sneaks up on me and leaves me scrambling for a patriotic look.  It just so happens that this lovely top of mine features the good 'ole red, white and blue combination.  So here you go, friends, my 4th of July look!

Has anyone else been watching the World Cup matches?  Admittedly, I don't pay much attention to soccer until this tournament rolls around every four years.  And yes, I think that makes me stereotypically American.  However, the reason that I really enjoy the World Cup (or la Coupe du Monde, en français) is because I was studying abroad in Tours, France during the tournament in 2006 (the year of the infamous Zidane head butt...youtube it, friends).  The energy of the French people during that summer was infectious and it was so much fun to be a part of the experience.  Getting into the matches every four years is a way for me to relive the excitement of that summer.  Will you forgive me, though, if I want France to go all the way?  I promise that I cheered for the U.S., too!  It's a good thing that both nations sport the same color combination...so I can wear this shirt to cheer on both teams!  

And finally on to Stitch Fix.  If you have no idea what Stitch Fix is, allow me to refer you to my first review where I explain what the heck it's about.  Anyway, I mentioned in my last SF review that I hadn't been pleased with the prices of the items sent to me and wouldn't be continuing with the service if the situation wasn't remedied. Well, I have great news!  Stitch Fix has redeemed themselves!  Not only have the prices been lower overall, but they also sent me this top that I have been obsessing over throughout this post.

Below are the photos of the other items I received.  I knew, however, when I pulled this shirt out of the box, that no matter how well the other items fit, this was what I wanted to keep!  By the way, you can keep as much as you want from your Stitch Fix box.  I just have a self-imposed rule that I only get to keep one item.

And as always, if you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, please follow my link (I will earn credit towards my next SF) and I will be your best friend forever!

What I'm Wearing:
Top: c/o Stitch Fix (similar, similar)
Shorts: LOFT Outlet (similar, similar)
Flats: Land's End (exact)

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