Jul 20, 2014

One Year

Holy smokes, guys!  Whitney à la mode turns one today!  What started as an experiment in attempting to dress more stylishly has quickly become an important and rewarding part of my life.  As my style continues to evolve, I've developed such a wonderful group of blogger friends to help me along my fashion journey.  I want to send a heartfelt merci to all of you who visit my small little corner of the internet.  I cherish your presence, advice and friendship!

I had this glorious notion of a blogiversary photo shoot featuring a sparkly dress, confetti and balloons.  Alas, real life interfered (darn you, real life) and I spent the past week attending a training conference for teachers.  I, therefore, didn't have time for a fancy photo shoot.  

In lieu of a pink and sparkly dress, I've decided to post pictures of my favorite looks from the past year. At the bottom of the post, you can vote on your favorite look of mine.  I hope that you will put in your two cents!  Also, if you are interested in visiting the original post for an outfit, just click on the caption.

The Modern Austen- Sunday Best

Which look do you prefer?
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