Apr 22, 2016

Blogging Besties :: a Spring Cardigan

Blogging Besties is a weekly series featuring Whitney of Whitney à la mode, Alex of Undergraduate Style, Maricel of ::My Closet Catalogue:: and Selah of A Bibliophile’s Style. Each week, one of the bloggers will choose one component from the previous week’s outfit to pass on in a brand new look. This “take one, pass it on” challenge is an inspiration to stretch your closet and your imagination!
Last week, Alex ramped up her layering mojo by doing that oft-envied accessorizing trick: belting a cardi. And she left me with an almost improbable challenge.


Because this week is brought to you by: “a belted cardigan/jacket/outerwear, coordinated leather pieces, a tortoiseshell accessory, or a spring cardigan". And for your viewing pleasure, I give you: the spring cardigan.

  Image (32)

What's so improbable about a spring cardigan, you say? Well, nothing. It was just the rest of the components that threw me for a loop. I don't really belt since my short-waistedness prevents that option from being attractive, and the other bits don't easily lend themselves to outfit creation in my current aesthetic. So, huzzah for the spring cardigan! Because they had both spring and cardigans back in the day, right? And by pairing this sunny yellow number with a coordinating silk button down and midi skirt, not to mention my latest uber comfy footwear from Hotter (yes, I splurged and bought these Donnas), I'm compliant with both the Blogging Besties mandate and my own 1940s style niche.

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Unfortunately, I don't have anything more pithy or clever to say about this ensemble. (I find that when the weather starts to warm, the clothing becomes simpler. And the simpler the clothing, the less I have to comment on.) But we can talk a bit about my new 'do? Did I Photoshop it properly? Can y'all tell that I went from blondish/caramel highlights to red?! I was feeling tired and washed out with my old color. When you don't pay the money for regular upkeep, even the best treatment takes on a brassy, cheap hue when the color fades, which is what happened to me. Now, I dunno about you, but I believe bad hair starts you on that slippery slope that leads to bad makeup then bad nails, and finally, bad outfits. And I was having none of that! So I took advantage of Spring Break to spend a good four hours with my stylist, and voilà! I feel like a new gal. And a sassy redhead at that. Who knows - this could be the gateway color to my being a true ginger someday. For Selah’s turn next week, I challenge her to the following: a midi skirt, yellow, comfy shoes, or a splurge item. Vive le vendredi!  
:: Just the facts, ma’am :: Top – Diane von Furstenberg via eBay Cardi – Merona @ Target Skirt – American Eagle via Poshmark Heels - Donna @ Hotter
:: Scream it from the top of your lungs :: Stuck by Caro Emerald
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