May 9, 2016

Recenty Purchased Reviews: J.Crew Factory and Old Navy

Good morning, lovelies!  Including today I only have twenty-five more school days.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!  Any other teachers out there ready for a break?!?

I'm trying something new on Whitney à la mode today!  Voilà, my first review post!  I really enjoy when some of my favorite bloggers post shopping reviews.  Part of me enjoys living vicariously through them because my shopping budget is rather tight.  I also find it helpful to see clothing on real bodies, not just the models on the store websites.

This past winter, I wasn't loving what I saw in stores and therefore didn't purchase much.  Now that the warmer weather is arriving, though, I'm really itching to add some fun new pieces to my wardrobe!  I took advantage of recent sales at J.Crew Factory and Old Navy to update my closet.  Here is what I ordered!

J.Crew Factory

1.  Factory Long-Sleeve Striped Boatneck T-Shirt in Red Oat Stripe
I am an avid lover of stripes and have been wanting to add a classic red and white striped top to my collection.  This tee is exactly what I was looking for.  The stripes and colors are classic and the material feels thick.  It's a good quality staple that will last for years!  I typically wear a medium and this top fits true to size.

Verdict: Keeper!

2.  Factory Printed Pocket Skirt in Mint Cream
I immediately fell in love with the print of this skirt while perusing the Factory website.  The skirt is colorful, fun and comfy...just what I'm looking for while I update my closet for summer.  I was worried because the skirt was sold out in my typical size medium.  I just couldn't pass up on the print and sale price, though so I ordered a large.  Granted, I can't compare it to the medium but considering it's a shorter skirt, I think I like the larger size better because it might give me some extra length!  I don't find the waist to be too big at all because it's elastic.

Verdict: Keeper!

3.  Factory Printed Linen-Cotton Sidewalk Skirt in Seashore
I already own a couple of skirts in this style from J.Crew Factory.  I own a plain cobalt blue version, a plaid skirt and an olive linen skirt.  I know that I like the way this skirt fits and was drawn to the vibrant colors.  I wear a size 8 in all of these skirts and this version was no different.  Ultimately, though, I told myself I can only keep one floral skirt and I loved the other one more.

Verdict: Ready to Return

4.  Factory Striped Skirt in Navy Stripe
I saw this skirt on Kate's Instagram and knew I had to order it!  Did I mention that I have a stripe addiction?  Anyways, this skirt feels really well made.  It is lined and the skirt is almost silky smooth.  Plus it has pockets (enough said).  I am wearing my typical medium.  The funny thing is, it feels like it fits but my mom thinks it looks to big.  Ultimately I've decided to return it because for $45ish, the fit should be perfect!

Verdict: Ready to Return

Old Navy

1.  Rib-Knit Swing Dress
I think that swing dresses have become a summer staple in my book.  They are just so comfy and easy to throw on while still looking put-together.  This little number from Old Navy didn't disappoint.  The fit is loose but still flattering and the material feels thick, not like it will become misshapen the first time it's washed.  Again, I'm wearing my typical medium and it fits true to size!  It's only available in white stripes now but it's less than $15!

Verdict: Keeper

I had high hopes for this dress because, well, it's a swing dress!  I also thought the pattern was unique and pretty.  Unfortunately the dress really didn't work.  I would actually call this more of a baby doll or smock dress than a swing dress.  It had a seam at the waistline but wasn't fitted.  The effect made me look way wider than I actually am.  I also didn't like that the pattern didn't match-up at the seam.  I think I got the size right (medium) but the fit of the dress was just off.

Verdict: Ready to Return

Okay, so technically this top is from Gap but it arrived with my Old Navy order.  Did I mention already that I love stripes?  I'm also a sucker for all things French.  Now I'm not sure if this top is intended to be read in English about a person who likes to voyage or in French as the verb meaning to voyage.  I'm just going to go with the French interpretation!  I'm wearing a size medium and the top fits well with a nice, thick material.  It was a steal for under $12!

Verdict: Keeper

I have been on the hunt for basic yet pretty skirts to take on my upcoming trip to Orlando.  My chambray shirts have been so versatile so I thought I'd try a chambray skirt!  The medium fit true to size and the elastic waistband made it super comfortable.  The material was really thin, however, and was super wrinkled when it arrived.  Given I'm looking for a skirt that travels well.  The wrinkles are a big deterrent.  

Verdict: Ready to Return

5.  Mock-Neck Swing Tank in Grey Gardens
While I love layering, mixing and matching my clothes, it's oftentimes too hot for that in the summer and I find myself reaching for tops that have enough detail that I don't need to wear much else.  That was my exact reasoning when I added this top to my shopping cart.  And I'm so glad I did!  The swing fit is super comfortable but still flattering and the eyelet detail is so very pretty.  I ordered the grey which I'm loving because it's a bit more interesting than plain white and is different than anything I already own.  The medium fits true to size!

Verdict: Keeper

6.  Smokcked Gauze Skirt in Black
Just to clarify, I wouldn't wear this top and skirt together (but no one wanted to see a topless skirt review).  This was another skirt I purchased with my upcoming trip in mind.  The thick and elastic waistband makes for a super comfy and flattering skirt.  I also like that the material seemed to travel well.  Again, the medium worked for me!

Verdict: Keeper

7.  Chambray Peplum Tank (out of stock)
I hoped this top would be a winner like the grey swing tank but alas, it was not.  I loved the idea of a simple chambray with a pretty peplum detail.  Unfortunately, it fit similar to the baby doll smock dress above.  The seamed part of the shirt wasn't fitted and just made me feel extra big.  The medium worked in the chest and arm holes but the overall fit was off.

Verdict: Ready to Return

That wraps up my first return post!  Is this something that you enjoyed and would like to see more of?  Is there anything I could improve upon?  Any details I forgot to share?  Let me know what you think and have a wonderful Monday!
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